Have a request? DMDave’s making monsters for the Halloween issue of BroadSword!

Fun news today!

I’m opening up request levels for all patrons for a special monster focused section of the October/Halloween BroadSword Monthly.

Patrons of all levels will get a chance to make a request for a monster. Here’s how you can join in:

  1. Sign up for DMDave’s Patreon. It’s only $3 to become a Patron.
  2. Respond to this thread with your monster request: July Monster Requests!
  3. Follow the rules.

Once your request is made, I’ll be making all qualifying requests over the next few weeks. Then, your request will appear in PRINT giving YOU credit.

PLUS in addition to having your requests made, you’ll also get access to all the PDFs that are in the library. Plus, certain tiers get physical and PDF copies of BroadSword Monthly.

Looking forward to making your nightmares into a reality!

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Art by Justin David Russell.

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