Hurricane Wing Butterflies for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

There is an old saying that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the world can lead to a series of events that creates a hurricane on the other side of the world. The hurricane wing butterfly may be living proof of that concept.

Hailing from the Elemental Plane of Air, the tiny hurricane wing butterfly is a mostly-benevolent creature. However, when pressed, the butterfly defends itself with a powerful gust of wind from its wings.

Wizards, collectors, and cultists of elemental evil air try to capture hurricane wing butterflies to reap the benefits of their raw elemental power. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, the payoff is worth it: a live hurricane wing butterfly can sell for as much as 500 gp in the right market.

Butterfly, Hurricane Wing

Tiny elemental, unaligned

Armor Class 13

Hit Points 3 (1d4 + 1)

Speed 0 ft., fly 60 ft.

Abilities Str 1 (-5), Dex 17 (+3), Con 13 (+1), Int 2 (-4), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 7 (-2)

Damage Resistances lightning, thunder

Senses passive Perception 11


Challenge 1/8 (25 XP)

Wind Funnel. The natural whirlwind surrounding the butterfly protects it from arrows and other missiles. All ranged attacks targeting the butterfly are made at disadvantage.


Wind Blast. The butterfly beats its wings. Each creature within 10 feet of the butterfly must succeed on a DC 11 Strength saving throw or take 4 (1d8) bludgeoning damage and be knocked prone. The butterfly can then fly up to half its flying speed.


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