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Winter Wraith | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Among the most feared creatures of the north are the dreaded winter wraiths. Although the Rasgax call these creatures “wraiths”, the term is a misnomer; winter wraiths are elementals, created from chaos and cold energy, relics of the Time Forgotten. Lords of Winter. The Olyothyrians speak of an ancient winter kingdom ruled by the winter […]

Vile Fog | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Vile fogs are malicious elementals that look like clouds of mist. The Striped Conjurers of Karmithyash summoned these creatures from Mayhem as a defense against the Pressonians during the Conjurer Wars of the early 500s. They are specifically tuned to consume the extant energy of Pressonian defense magics. During the Fall of Brassolet, the fields […]

Charbrood | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Charbrood are insidious elemental creatures that hunt living creatures in the Obsidian Plain. Sometimes they are referred to as “greater magmin.” However, they have no known connection to magmin beyond their fire elemental origin. [su_note note_color=”#fafafa”] Charbrood Medium elemental, chaotic evil Armor Class 15 (natural armor) Hit Points 71 (11d8 + 22) Speed 40 ft. […]

Waterspout | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Also known as “water elemental hydras”, waterspouts are deadly elementals that roam the Ocean of Warna. Temperamental, they’re prone to attacking ships without provocation and often lay siege to coastal villages and island habitats. Recognizing their value, the marids of Qhek often enslave and employ waterspouts, using them as weapons against the land-based humanoids. Aquan […]

Patreon Request Monsters Part 1/2 | New Monsters for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

In July, I offered up free monster requests to all my patrons which would appear in BroadSword Monthly #2. And boy did they deliver! Here are those monsters. If you’d like to see your requests made by DMDave, join up as a patron. It’s only $3 to become a member and there’s always a special […]

Dark Sun Bestiary (Part 5: Monsters of the Verdant Belt 1/4) | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

The Dark Sun bestiary conversion continues. Currently, I’m working through the MC12: The Dark Sun Monstrous Compendium – Terrors of the Desert. Specifically, I’m dividing the creatures up by the random encounter tables. First, are the monsters of the verdant belts. Verdant Belts Athas is an arid world, but it is not entirely waterless. In […]

Belker | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Belkers are composed primarily of smoke. Although undeniably evil, they are very reclusive and usually have no interest in the affairs of others. The black, winged shapes of these creatures make them look distinctly demonic. Because of their semi-gaseous nature, however, they shift and change shape with every puff of wind. Belker Large elemental, neutral […]

Arrowhawk | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Arrowhawks are predators and scavengers from the Elemental Plane of Air. They are consummate fliers that spend their entire lives on the wing. An arrowhawk has a sinuous, snakelike body with a long neck and tail. Its central body is bulbous and has two pairs of yellow, feathered wings, one on the top and another […]

Invisible Stalker Assassin | New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

An invisible stalker is an air elemental that has been summoned from its native plane and transformed by powerful magic. Its sole purpose is to hunt down creatures and retrieve objects for its summoner. When it is defeated or the magic that binds it expires, an invisible stalker vanishes in a gust of wind. Some […]

Earth Weird | New Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

An earth weird is an elemental guardian bound to a specific earthy or dirty-filled location such as a courtyard, hillside, or mountain pass. Earth weird hide in the ground and emerge to attack any creature other than its summoner and those its summoner declares as off limits. When slain, an earth weird collapses into a […]

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