Legends of Omeria Unboxing Video 2

Legends of Omeria Starter Set

Happy November Omeria fans!

We’re thrillied to bring you the new, final print proof of the Legends of Omeria Starter Set. Please enjoy this new unboxing video of the final product:

Watch Legends of Omeria Unboxing Video 2 on YouTube!

What Comes Next?

  • We have submitted the manufacturing order and put down the deposit with the printer in China!
  • Legends of Omeria will be in the printer’s queue until it is our turn to go into manufacturing.
  • When the manufacturing process is complete, Legends of Omeria will be shrink wrapped, carefully packaged and picked up from the factory by our international freight forwarding partners. 
  • The starter sets will enter Chinese Customs, and once cleared, they will be loaded onto a cargo ship headed to the USA.
  • Upon Legends of Omeria’s arrival to the US port, our pallets will be offloaded, cleared through US Customs and then driven by land to the distribution hub, where they will be offloaded, inspected, carefully packaged and then shipped to you!

Can I still Pre-Order the Legends of Omeria Starter Set?

Unfortunately no, pre-orders have been closed for some months now.

However, once we have fulfilled all of the original backers and pre-orders any extra game sets will be made available for purchase here through the DMDave store.

Look forward to more updates! 

You can look forward to regular updates from our team as we head into each new phase of the process! Keep your eyes on our Kickstarter page or here on the blog for exciting on-the-ground updates happening as we enter each exciting new phase.

We sould have the second sample in-hand in the next 2-3 weeks, at which point we will update you again.

If you have any customer service or general questions, please feel free to reach out to Lydia at help@dmdave.com.

If you have logistical questions or need shipping address or other shipping-related assistance, please reach out to Jennifer at logistics@dmdave.com.

Legends of Omeria 1st Unboxing Video

Missed the first unboxing video? Check it out below:

Watch Legends of Omeria Starter Set 1st Physical Proof Unboxing on YouTube!

More close-up photos!

2 thoughts on “Legends of Omeria Unboxing Video 2

  1. Will All Omeria product (from the Boxed Set to the Broadsword Magazine) be available for purchase in standard Specialist Highstreet Game & RPG Shops in Territories which are “OverseasTerritories” relative to the US, such as the in United Kingdom, without resort to “Publish On Demand and Post” businesses, such as Wordery.com, etc., please?

    Additionally, is the Setting equipped with only the Standard Classes with their generally large numbers of Dead Levels (Levels at which the “Special” Column contains a Dash character, the “Gain two Attribute points” entry alone (this is a Character Progression statement, not a Class Ability), or (as with the Warlock) an “obvious statement” text (in this case, the restrictive “Mystic Arcanum” entry), or are there genuine not-seen-before-in-D&D-Next new Classes? Please note that in this context, a new “Level 3 Build Choice” for a Class doth NOT a new Class make.

    And, assuming that the above (ie., that it will be physically available outside the US) is true, when will it be available, please, and what is the likely price in GBP Stirling, please?

    1. Hi Krisasim,

      Thanks for the questions!

      BroadSword Monthly is available for purchase worldwide through the DMDave Shop, however, at this time our distribution to any brick-and-mortar game stores is limited to specific retailers within the United States only. If you would like to purchase your copy of BroadSword Monthly for shipment overseas, you may do so through the DMDave shop, or you may purchase copies through Amazon. All overseas copies of BroadSword use the print on demand feature.

      The Legends of Omeria Starter Set will not be available for any of the print-on-demand services we offer for BroadSword and the other books we produce. The Legends of Omeria Starter Set is being produced by a professional game manufacturer in China, with a limited production amount based on the number of pre-sales and pledge purchases that transacted during the Legends of Omeria Kickstarter campaign. Once our obligations to our backers and the pre-order customers have been fulfilled, we will offer any surplus copies for sale in the DMDave shop. Please note that any available copies of Legends of Omeria will ship from the United States. Domestic and worldwide shipping will be available using standard USPS shipping rates. We expect that any additional copies of Legends of Omeria will be available for purchase through our website by mid-2022, though an exact date has not been established.

      The Starter Set is meant to act as an introduction to the hobby and as such sticks close to standard rules and roles with specific flavoring for the Omeria campaign setting. For more unique classes and races specific to Omeria, we’d recommend purchasing Pexia’s Guide to Omeria, which is currently available for preorder through the DMDave.com store and will ship globally.

      -The DMDave Team

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