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Legends of Omeria Starter Set: ON A BOAT!

We have some FANTASTIC news! The Legends of Omeria Starter Set print is complete! That’s right, folks, we are done with the manufacturing process! Big shout out to our Head of Logistics and COO, Jennifer Craig, for making this happen! We are so excited, we don’t even have the words! Although, we did want to […]

Legends of Omeria Update

Happy December folks! We hope everyone is enjoying their holiday festivities, or else just having a safe and comfy winter season. We wanted to touch base and give everyone an update on what’s been happening with Legends of Omeria! Previously we updated that we had a final print proof that we had approved for mass […]

DMDave Black Friday Sale

It’s that time of year again! Join the DMDave team for our awesome Black Friday Sale event! Starting at [time] on Friday, November 27, 2022 you can use our exclusive coupon code to get 25% off EVERYTHING in the DMDave store when you sign up for our mailing list! It’s that simple! PLUS Sign up […]

Legends of Omeria Unboxing Video 2

Happy November Omeria fans! We’re thrillied to bring you the new, final print proof of the Legends of Omeria Starter Set. Please enjoy this new unboxing video of the final product: What Comes Next? We have submitted the manufacturing order and put down the deposit with the printer in China! Legends of Omeria will be […]

Fascinators (They Live Aliens) | New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Welcome to day 4 of my Halloween monster series. Today, I’m tackling the shapeshifting aliens of the film They Live, whose name in the novel was The Fascinators. Fascinator The aliens have a vaguely similar body structure to humans, enough that they can convincingly disguise themselves. However, they have blue skin, bulging eyes, and no […]

How to Play Dungeons & Dragons

So you want to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons, right? Now, more than ever Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying like it are making a massive comeback. In fact, there are currently an estimated 13.7 million Dungeons & Dragons players in the world. But as a new player, where do you start? And […]

How to Create Puzzles for Fifth Edition | A New How-to Guide for 5e GMs

Fifth Edition has a lot of cool elements to it that GMs can use: combat, exploration, and, of course, plenty of role play. These are often considered the four pillars of a tabletop RPG. However, I believe that there is a fourth that’s just as important: problem solving and critical thinking. And it is arguably […]

How to Run a Fifth Edition Horror Campaign | Behind the Screen (BroadSword Preview)

This is a preview for BroadSword Monthly #2. Horror is one of the many types of settings available to gamemasters to run in Fifth Edition. But how can horror work in a world where epic heroes swing legendary magic swords,  dodge arrows, and walk off near-fatal wounds after a full night’s rest? This article dives […]

How to Create Epic Encounters | New Resource for GMs (BroadSword Preview)

How to Create Epic Monster Encounters The monster hunters discover what’s doing all the killing. They confront the creature, fight it, and… it dies in two rounds. Lame. The Difficulty XP per Character table would list as “Deadly.” But they breeze right through it with hardly scratch! What’s up with that? Now your players are […]

How to Get Your Players to Engage | Behind the Screen with DMDave

Cell phones, laptops, and off-color jokes, oh my! Anyone that’s been a GM before–no matter how good you are–probably knows that getting players to engage is one of the toughest parts of being a game master. Even I sometimes fail to impress, watching my sessions devolve into total chaos. So how do you get your […]

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