Note on Requests on Promotions

Hey all! Just wanted to give a quick announcement regarding requests. As I’m moving closer to kicking off full production on The Secret of Forsaken Peak book, I will be focusing mainly on completing that and won’t be able to get to any requests other than those that come from Patreon which always have priority. I will also try to knock out all of those that are currently in the queue as well as finish up any from Instagram contests.

Believe me, I hate having to do this! I’d much much rather create the requests that you guys send me, but unfortunately, there’s just one of me and I only have so much time in the day (believe it or not I have a day job, too).

I will also be holding off on any further promotions on Instagram since they are quite time consuming and tend to overload me with work. Not that I hate doing them! I just need to focus on the book which is priority #1.5 right now (just narrowly behind Patreon).

Once the Kickstarter for the book is over and done with, I’ll probably start picking up requests again.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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