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Fun announcement today!

My Patreon is on fire lately. In fact, I’ve had 5-10 new patrons every day which is super exciting and frankly, humbling. So I’m creating a ton of content for it (don’t worry, there’ll still be a lot of content here, too).

Anyways, as part of a push to get to 200 patrons, I’m offering up a PDF book on designing races that I’ve been quietly working on on the side. And as of this writing, there are only 26 more patrons to go!

This new book will let you create your own Fifth Edition races using an intuitive point system. I created the point system by reverse engineering all of the races available for play in Fifth Edition (including those in Volo’s).

Not sure of the length just yet, but most of the notes are finished for it. Just have to wrap it up.

The cover art for Strange Races

What do you get as a patron?

I give away a LOT as a creator. Recently, I even had a patron quit because they said “I give too much” at the Copper $3 level. True story.

As a patron of just the $3 tier, you get:

  • 5-7 Patreon exclusives per week (all in PDF)
  • Over 40 PDFs already on the site
  • Requests (both those you want to see plus monthly special requests)
  • Voting in polls
  • Access to my Discord channel
  • Ideation for BroadSword content

And higher tiers get:

  • Copies of BroadSword Monthly (my monthly Fifth Edition adventure book) in PDF format and hardcover
  • Sneak peeks at BroadSword Monthly
  • Bigger requests
  • Special issue PDFs (limited to only certain tiers)
  • Games, t-shirts, and other swag

So what are you waiting for?

It’s only $3. You spend more on that adding bacon on a cheeseburger.

Become a DMDave Patron today.

Thumbnail art by Shutterstock (used with permission).


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