The Spiral of Death (Scheduling D&D Games and Why I Hate It) | The DM Lair

What should be a simple straight-forward task can easily become a massive pain. Why is scheduling D&D games so hard? In this video, Luke discusses what he refers to as the Spiral of Death and suggest how to schedule games.

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1 thought on “The Spiral of Death (Scheduling D&D Games and Why I Hate It) | The DM Lair

  1. I hate scheduling game sessions too. The best way to to manage this is by having regularly scheduled gaming sessions (mentioned in the video). I also find it better to schedule games during weeknights rather than during the weekend. Weekends are “family” time for our group members. During a weeknight works WAY better for us.

    In addition, if we try to squeeze in an extra session out of our standing schedule, we use Doodle or some little scheduling tool to help us manage scheduling for the group.

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