A HUGE Thank You to My Fans and an Important Announcement Regarding Patreon

Folks, I’m blown away. When I started this little adventure back in August (I can’t believe it’s been less than six months, by the way) I had no idea that it would take off the way it would. I initially created this website as a place to store all my notes for my Saturday night campaign. And now it’s one of the most read Dungeons & Dragons blogs on the internet. In fact, just yesterday, I hit 10,000 unique visitors, absolutely SMASHING my previous record of 6,500 or so.

So thank you thank you thank you! I plan on continuing creating new and FREE content for 2019 and beyond.

Good News / Bad News

Implicitly, it’s created quite a rush of new Patrons to my Patreon, too. So many, in fact, that I’ve had to rethink my original model on the page.

Initially, those who signed at the $3 level got to put in requests. This is in addition to all of the PDFs that I put out there, too. This was with the thinking that I’d only be getting, at most, 1-2 Patrons per day. Well, it’s gone a little beyond that and now I’m in the weeds pretty bad, LOL. I guess that’s a good problem to have. But in a lot of ways, it’s not.

I LOVE making requests.

Ever since my first pitch for requests way back when I only had 2,000 followers on Instagram, it’s really helped me flex my creative muscle. And it was always well received by the community, too. In fact, one of the first requests I ever took were the monsters from A Quiet Place which continues to be one of the most popular builds I’ve ever done.

Not being able to make all the requests I receive breaks my heart. But, unfortunately, there’s only one DMDave. And even at 17,000 words, 7+ requests per day is beyond my bandwidth.

At least ’til I can get this damn cloning machine to work.

My Patreon Tiers are Changing Tonight

After tonight, my Patreon will be changing. Those at the $3 tier will still get access to all the PDFs, but I can no longer provide requests (as much as that saddens me). And for the higher tiers, I’ll be reorganizing those. I made some errors in guessing my time on a few of the content types.

Now! Having said that, if you’re already signed up for the current tiers, you’ll still receive the benefits that are listed. You’ll be “grandfathered” in, so to speak. Keep in mind that the way the system currently works is that you get your first request made as soon as I can make it, and then get to offer future suggestions when I can get to them. And I tend to give preference to those at the higher tiers.

So if you’re still interested in having your requests made at the $3 tier, be sure to sign up now in order to get those benefits.

And don’t forget about all the other benefits you get for being a DMDave Patron:

  • Previews of NEW awesome content not available on the site.
  • Original content that hasn’t appeared on the site.
  • Monthly PDF “magazines” collecting everything I created for the month. These will be around 30 pages or so.
  • And soon, quarterly campaign settings, all about 100 pages or so.
  • Plus, a whole lot more!

Please let me reiterate that you guys have really blown me away! I often feel like a hack with a high word count, but when I see y’all supporting me–and not just financially, mind you, but in kind words as well, it really makes my heart soar.

Anyways, thanks so much. If you are interested in signing up, be sure to go to my Patreon before midnight tonight (CST) so you can get in on the cheapo request train.

Thanks again!

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