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DMDave Black Friday Sale

It’s that time of year again! Join the DMDave team for our awesome Black Friday Sale event! Starting at [time] on Friday, November 27, 2022 you can use our exclusive coupon code to get 25% off EVERYTHING in the DMDave store when you sign up for our mailing list! It’s that simple! PLUS Sign up […]

Get FREE Monthly Fifth Edition Adventures from DMDave and BroadSword Monthly

Hey folks! Some fun news today as I’m offering up a FREE sample adventure in PDF format from BroadSword Monthly #1. PLUS, you get free adventures sent to you once per month. To get the FREE adventures all you have to do is sign up to DMDave’s mailing list and once a month you’ll get […]

Creaturepedia Vol 1: Blackleaf Forest – NEW PDF Out Next Week!

Next week, I’ll be releasing Creaturepedia Vol 1: Blackleaf Forest, a collection of 40+ monsters to fill your Fifth Edition campaigns. In addition to the monsters, it will include FIVE new subclasses, too, two of which have yet to appear here on the blog exclusive to this release. The book will be available on Patreon.com/DMDave […]

Vote for 3 New Subclasses on Patreon | Limited Time Offer!

Right now over on Patreon, Patrons are voting for the three new subclasses that will go into Creaturepedia: Monsters of the Ninth Kingdom Vol. 1. Those subclasses are: Barbarian Path of the Damned Bard College of Comedy Cleric Love Domain Druid Circle of Monsters Fighter Ancient Weapon Master Monk Way of the Drug Paladin Oath […]

Mass Combat Rules Now Available in PDF Form

Hey all! If you didn’t already see, I created set of new mass combat rules for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Those rules are now officially in PDF form (in their v1.2 format) on both Patreon and here on the blog. The downloadable book itself costs $2.00 and only includes rules for creating units. However, […]

DMDave’s 2019 Release Schedule

Hey hey hey! My computers finally decided to come back to life. Woohoo! I thought I might take the opportunity for you all to know my official release schedule for this year of 2019 Dale Reckoning AD. February 1st, 2019 – EVIL: The Collected Works of DMDave (January 2019) This will take all the content […]

DMDave is Looking for a Part-Time Audio/Video Editor (Paid Gig)

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to earn money doing what you love? Or maybe you’re just interested in becoming part of the DMDave network? DMDave is looking for someone that can do audio/video editing for the Bloody Bunch’s Saturday Sessions! Here is what this job will entail: You receive our […]

DMDave Content Schedule (I Swear I’ll Stick to It… Really!)

These last couple of days I’ve taken some time to get things organized. My patrons have already noticed that with all new tiers (if you’re already a patron, don’t worry, the old tiers still apply and you’re grandfathered). Now it’s time to work on the site, too. Part of that will be creating a content […]

A HUGE Thank You to My Fans and an Important Announcement Regarding Patreon

Folks, I’m blown away. When I started this little adventure back in August (I can’t believe it’s been less than six months, by the way) I had no idea that it would take off the way it would. I initially created this website as a place to store all my notes for my Saturday night […]

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