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Rivals for the Omerian Throne | New Benefit for DMDave Patrons

King Evadimus of Riva is dead and the Omerian Throne sits vacant. Childless, Evadimus had no clear heirs. Consequently, it is now a time of grim politics, war, and intrigue as powerful lords and ladies from across the Shining Continent vie for the spot as the land’s greatest monarch.  Who will become the next ruler […]

Witchborn Sorcerous Origin (Preview) | New Player Option for Fifth Edition

This new sorcerous origin is a preview. The full version can be downloaded for FREE for all patrons tiers on DMDave’s Patreon. In addition to this subclass, here’s what else you get as a patron: A free 56-page ebook titled EVIL Monthly requests PDF copies of DMDave.com material Poll voting privileges Access to DMDave’s Discord […]

Roguish Feats | New Player Options for Fifth Edition

If you haven’t heard the news, requests are back on over on my Patreon. The first set of requests I got came from longtime DMDave fan and Patron, Charlie R. Cool if I can get a feat for throwing daggers or other throwing items? It would work like crossbow expert where you would get advantage […]

Bard College of Rumors | New Player Option for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

This entry is a part of March’s 26 Days of Subclasses featurette where I’m creating new subclasses every day for 26 days. Not only am I creating subclasses for all Patrons of Silver Tier or higher, but I’m also creating them based on Instagram recommendations, as well. Here are the subclasses that I’ve created so far this month: March 3 – Fighter Armorer […]

Wandrossa Gazetteer Volume 2 (February 17, 2019) – FREE PDF

Did you know that myself and the Patrons over on patreon.com/dmdave are creating a brand new campaign setting? And that the entire world is built through the suggestions and poll-results from those Patrons? Keep reading to get a copy of the Gazetteer. PLUS my patrons aren’t just Patrons; they’re GODS! Soon, we’ll be starting up […]

MARTIAL: February 2019’s Theme (Fighters and Monks)

Big announcement today! While Patreon is slowly recovering from what  I’m calling Patreonapocalypse 2019 (sorry for those who are trying to get a copy of EVIL or sign-up!), I thought I’d go ahead and announce February’s collected edition theme: MARTIAL: A Fifth Edition Companion – The Collected Works of DMDave February 2019 In the vein […]

A HUGE Thank You to My Fans and an Important Announcement Regarding Patreon

Folks, I’m blown away. When I started this little adventure back in August (I can’t believe it’s been less than six months, by the way) I had no idea that it would take off the way it would. I initially created this website as a place to store all my notes for my Saturday night […]

End of the Year Patreon Special [This is HUGE] – Click Here for Samples!

Howdy, folks! Big news! If you didn’t already know, I’m on Patreon (duh, who isn’t). Not only do you get nearly everything I make into cool PDFs that are free for you to download, but you get to make REQUESTS that are a top priority for me. I won’t even EAT or SHOWER until your […]

Requestlog Updated 12/11/2018

Quick announcement! The requestlog has been updated for December 11, 2018. If you feel like I missed you, please be sure to send me a message on Instagram or to my email dave@dmdave.com. See the Request Log To learn more about how you can get your personalized Dungeons & Dragons request in, head over to […]

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