“Dave, why aren’t you answering emails/updating the site?” D’oh! (Busy weekend)

Hey folks!

Thanks for being patient! You might notice that I’m taking a little slow down today and probably the next couple days. The reasons are three fold:

  1. It’s Jack’s birthday! Hooraaaay!
  2. Tracy, the woman that somehow puts up with this ugly mug, is super duper sick, so I’m playing caretaker.
  3. I go on vacation from day job on Monday (believe it or not, I have a full time job, too), so I’m knocking out a ton of work before I’m off for the rest of the year.

So if I haven’t answered your email or created a request or made a monster that flings its boogers as a bonus action, now you know why.

Thanks for being patient!

See you soon!

– DMDave

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