D&D Encounter Building Tutorial | the DM Lair [Video]

Ever wondered how in the world to create an encounter in D&D 5e? Or maybe just looking for some tips and inspiration to take your encounters to the next level?

In this live stream, I created several encounters with my viewers, walking through the process step-by step. This is a great encounter creation guide for new and intermediate dungeon masters! Also, see the video description for a link to download the encounters we created in the stream.

In our next live stream, we’ll be creating a D&D adventure together using a pre-made map from Justin David Russell, a friend of the site. So, feel free to join us Friday, February 1, at 8 pm Eastern time on my YouTube channel for some adventure creation fun!

Anyway, on to the video:

For more videos to help dungeon masters run awesome games, check out the DM Lair on YouTube.

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