[Gods of Wandrossa] Rules Updates 2/26/2019

Hey all! Last night’s game of Gods of Wandrossa was a huge success. Hard to believe that something that started as a poll has evolved into something much more.

If you haven’t already, please review the Daily Report for Year 9K0.

What follows are some changes to the rules that will take effect tonight. If you are participating in the Gods of Wandrossa game on Patreon, be sure to review these and know them beforehand.

Temple Levels

Temples now give laddered followers and DV bonuses to settlements. Refer to the following table.

Temple Level Benefits

Temple Level Minimum Might Might Bonus Annual Follower Bonus
1 2 +0 10
2 3 +1 30
3 4 +1 60
4 5 +2 100

Temple Level. This is the number of levels that your temple has in the settlement.

Minimum Might. In order to build a temple at the corresponding level, your might must be equal to or greater than this value.

Might Bonus. When targeting a settlement that contains your temple, you gain a bonus to your might as shown on the Temple Level table. You do not factor in your might bonus when determining whether or not you can build a temple.

Annual Follower Bonus. At the end of each day, during the resolution phase, the annual follower bonus is the number of followers you gain.

New God Initiative, Temple and Conversion Protection

When a new god arrives in Wandrossa, their actions are considered to have occurred before all other gods when determining initiative order, even if a non-new god uses a power to adjust their initiative order.

In addition, new gods cannot have their temples razed nor can they be targeted by the conversion action.

Start and End Times

The start and end times for daily actions will now be from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm CST (US Central).

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