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Avelynn the Mother of All | New NPC for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Here is an interesting request. About a month ago, I was running a mini-game on my Patreon called Gods of Wandrossa. The game took way too much of my time to run properly, so I had to shut it down. But it did create some interesting stories while it was going. One of the Gods […]

Spellbound Woods Adventure Planning Notes | 5th-Level Adventure for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

This one comes as a request from one of my Patrons and it’s part of the Gods of Wandrossa content that I have there on Patreon. The Spellbound Woods are a section south of a mountainous region known as the Drakecrags. It’s a magical forest guarded by a large wolf named Goliath. Interested in having […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Year 9K4 – Whispers of the Phoenix

What follows is an account of the events that occurred in the fourth year of the Ninth Kingdom. This history is woven together from eye-witness testimonies, rumors, and the songs of bards across all Known Wandrossa.   Known Wandrossa These are the events that occurred across multiple locations in Wandrossa. The Grand Museum Toshokan, God […]

Shanzed the Vigilant | NPC for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Shanzed is a large snake-like creature, whose full body length extends dozens of feet. Her scales are green and brown, allowing her to blend with the forest and swamps around her. She is sentient, can speak, and can shapeshift into the form of a humanoid, resembling that of a Xiphonan. Shanzed the Vigilant, Chosen of […]

Oir the Goblin Assassin | NPC for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Oir is a sneaky and intelligent Goblin who often causes mischief. Regardless, he has remained devoted to Yikas. Typically, Oir stays hidden while traveling the wilderness but frequents the cities he knows how to navigate. Wearing dark clothes and always having a few tricks up his sleeve, its rare that anyone can actually perceive him. […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Year 9K3 – The Wrath of Indronyx

That spring day in Heaminster started like any other. Gardeners trimmed flowers. Smith’s put new shoes on horses. Children played in the streets.

In a small tea house surrounded by old friends, an old, medusan woman named Meadra let it be known that she knew the secret to the lost god Enombath’s tomb.

The moment the dead Sun God’s name escaped her lips, clouds filled the sky, casting darkness over the hamlet, sealing its fate.

[Gods of Wandrossa] Simplified Rules

Over the last week, I’ve received some awesome feedback from patrons and fans re: the Gods of Wandrossa game on Patreon. Plus, I’ve learned a lot, too. One big issue I had with how the game is currently set up is that the game itself has been distracting from its original purpose, which was to […]

Gods of Wandrossa (Daily Actions System) v1.21

Continuing this series on the Gods of Wandrossa mini-game for my Patrons, I thought I might expand upon what a God can do in a day and how it all works within the game. If you’re just tuning in, be sure to read the two previous parts of the Gods of Wandrossa series: Gods of […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Powers of Death

This is part of the continuing Gods of Wandrossa series. To catch up, be sure to read about it on the Gods of Wandrossa “It Begins” post. I’m slowly making my way through the index of powers. Here are the ones that have been created so far: Powers of Arcana Powers of Knowledge Powers of Death […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Rules Updates 2/26/2019

Hey all! Last night’s game of Gods of Wandrossa was a huge success. Hard to believe that something that started as a poll has evolved into something much more. If you haven’t already, please review the Daily Report for Year 9K0. What follows are some changes to the rules that will take effect tonight. If […]