Puppet Master Upgrades Preview (See What’s Coming!)

Hey gang!

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet today. Been hard at work on the second half of the Puppet Master class, the upgrades. Naturally, this part is going to take a while. But I thought I might show you a little bit of what I’ve already done. I’ve put it up on my Patreon as a preview. But don’t worry, it’s open to the public to view, as will the final design.

Check out the FREE Puppet Master upgrade preview on Patreon.

If you haven’t already seen the first part of the Puppet Master Class, check it out on the blog: Puppet Master Class Option.

This class will be available in PDF form probably at the end of the month or the first week of February in a collected volume of works titled EVIL. It will be available to all Patrons, Copper and up, so if you aren’t already a Patron, check out the Tier options now.

And don’t forget that every Patron gets requests!

See you next time!

Art by Josh Corpuz.

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