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Mountain Sanctuary (Dark Sun) | New 3rd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (Saturday Crew Spoilers)

The adventure Mountain Sanctuary appeared in issue #8 of Dungeon Magazine. Originally designed for 1st Edition AD&D, I’ve since updated it for Fifth Edition and placed it in my current Dark Sun campaign setting. Many of the monsters listed here originally appeared in the 1st edition fiend folio. I’ve since updated the creatures for Fifth […]

Bloodstone Pass: Part 1 – The Circus of Doctor Trundles | Adventure for 15th-Level Characters (Spoilers)

I’ve been on a conversion kick lately. I thought I might tackle an old module set, the H’s back from 1st edition, aka the Bloodstone Series. Bloodstone used rules from Battlesystem making the adventures into mass combat. Since I’ve got mass combat rules of my own, and the players in my current campaign are around […]

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