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Kelvyn (Dark Sun) | New NPC for Fifth Edition (Saturday Crew Spoilers)

Kelvyn of Urik is a trusted agent for House Stel. He establish deals throughout smaller villages in the Tablelands, often using intimidation and threats to get better deals for Stel. While many of House Stel’s higher-ups see Kelvyn as reckless, he is extremely good at his job and rarely disappoints. [su_note note_color=”#fafafa”] Kelvyn of Urik […]

Mountain Sanctuary (Dark Sun) | New 3rd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (Saturday Crew Spoilers)

The adventure Mountain Sanctuary appeared in issue #8 of Dungeon Magazine. Originally designed for 1st Edition AD&D, I’ve since updated it for Fifth Edition and placed it in my current Dark Sun campaign setting. Many of the monsters listed here originally appeared in the 1st edition fiend folio. I’ve since updated the creatures for Fifth […]

DMDave’s Dark Sun Primer | Quick Reference Guide (Updated 8/13/19)

This is a reference guide for my players for my upcoming Dark Sun 5e campaign. Feel free to use it for your own campaign reference. [su_note note_color=”#FFFFFF”] Want this HUGE ass document in a printable PDF format? It’s totally FREE over on my Patreon. Check it out. (Also, a lot of the typos and errors […]

The Nightmare Beast (Dark Sun) | New Monster for Fifth Edition

With a disposition as bad as its reputation, it’s no wonder that a nightmare beast spreads terror wherever it goes. A nightmare beast stands at least 20 feet tall on its four legs. Each of its digits is tipped with a 3-foot-long claw. Its jaws are filled with 1-foot-long teeth and flanked by curved tusks […]

Athasian Gith (Dark Sun) | New Monsters for Fifth Edition plus 4 New Spells

The gith are a race of grotesque humanoids that appear to be a peculiar mixture of elf and reptile. They are extremely gaunt and lanky, with long gangling arms and spindly legs. Their hands three fingers with no opposable thumb, yet they are able to use tools and wield weapons. Both their fingers and toes […]

Belgoi (Dark Sun) | New Monster for Fifth Edition (plus 1 New Spell)

At first sight, the belgoi appear human–and then you notice the long claws on the end of their fingers, their puckered toothless mouths, and their webbed, three-toed feet. They are a race of ignorant demi-humans who dwell in the most forlorn wastes of Athas. They have a taste for the flesh of intelligent races and […]

City-State Specific Proficiencies | Optional Rules for Dark Sun

The majority of Athas is a barren wasteland. However, along the Tablelands, a thin stretch of land bordering the Sea of Silt, there are multiple city-states where sentient life continues to cling to existence. Each city-state is unique, with its own people, culture, and ideals. The optional rules below offer bonus proficiencies to natives of […]

Sorcerer Kings/Queens (Dark Sun) | New Threat for Fifth Edition

Once, every city in Athas was led by a king or queen. They were the top of the social order. Often, they lived near the city in a fortified palace bustling with minor officials. When a potentate found it necessary to leave his or her palace, he or she did so only with a great […]

Antloids (Dark Sun) | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

Antloids are giant ants that inhabit huge warrens in the Athasian desert. Their species has evolved through an adapted specialization which gives certain antloids special powers. There are four different groups: workers, soldiers, dynamis, and queens; each group fulfills a specialized task within antloid society. [su_note note_color=”#fafafa”] Antloid Worker Large monstrosity (antloid), unaligned Armor Class […]

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