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Mountain Sanctuary (Dark Sun) | New 3rd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (Saturday Crew Spoilers)

The adventure Mountain Sanctuary appeared in issue #8 of Dungeon Magazine. Originally designed for 1st Edition AD&D, I’ve since updated it for Fifth Edition and placed it in my current Dark Sun campaign setting. Many of the monsters listed here originally appeared in the 1st edition fiend folio. I’ve since updated the creatures for Fifth […]

Century Worm | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Some believe that nature is a chaotic, destructive force that cares little for the concepts of morality or fair play. Such devotees of wild destruction and entropy often point to the dreaded century worm as evidence of their philosophy and single out the repulsive, voracious creature as the living embodiment of the uncaring wrath of […]

Haraknin | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Those who don’t understand the true nature of haraknins often incorrectly identify them as fiendish lycanthropes. The haraknin is not a true lycanthrope; it is a hell hound that has learned to assume humanoid form. Created by devil lords to serve as intelligent trackers and guardians, haraknin often journey to the Material Plane to undertake […]

Bonespear | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Bonespears are patient predators that live on many different planes. Named for the two long, wickedly barbed horns that grow from their heads, they are a menace to any creature they might perceive as food–a category that includes most anything that moves. Their home plane is Acheron, but bonespears have spread throughout the planes and […]

Paeliyron | New Monster for Fifth Edition

This bloated fiend has a massive paunch that hangs far below its waist. Where its warty pink flesh shows through its black robes, curls of stinking mist rise. The creature’s head is broad and monstrous. Its face has two yellow porcine eyes above a wide mouth filled with sharp teeth. Two bone ridges roll back along the top of […]

Formians | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

Formians hail from planes devoted to law. They seek to colonize all that they see and incorporate all living things into their hive as workers. Expansionist in the extreme, their goal is to spread colonies until they have taken over everything and their order is unquestioned. To further this end, they attack all other creatures, […]

Athach | New Monster for Fifth Edition

The athach is a hulking, misshapen biped. Its flabby, pear-shaped body has a third arm growing from its chest. Immensely strong, an athach can hammer most opponents to gory paste. An athach has a wide, slobbering mouth. Curving tusks like a boar’s jut from its lower jaw. Its other teeth are small and peglike. It […]

Belker | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Belkers are composed primarily of smoke. Although undeniably evil, they are very reclusive and usually have no interest in the affairs of others. The black, winged shapes of these creatures make them look distinctly demonic. Because of their semi-gaseous nature, however, they shift and change shape with every puff of wind. Belker Large elemental, neutral […]

Bloodstone Pass: Part 1 – The Circus of Doctor Trundles | Adventure for 15th-Level Characters (Spoilers)

I’ve been on a conversion kick lately. I thought I might tackle an old module set, the H’s back from 1st edition, aka the Bloodstone Series. Bloodstone used rules from Battlesystem making the adventures into mass combat. Since I’ve got mass combat rules of my own, and the players in my current campaign are around […]

Glymm, Gnome Illusionist | NPC for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (Spoilers)

Glymm is the leader of the gnome technicians and the chief pilot of the Colossus. He has Xentarich’s respect for his technical prowess. Glymm often plays practical jokes on the bugbears (particularly with his bag of tricks) so they hate the small illusionist (and might even attempt to slay him in a particularly chaotic battle). […]

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