Tether: The Mystery of Skirvin Manor | New 3rd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Over 40 pages of Halloween-ready adventure!

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Something’s not right in the Skirvin manor. Find out what’s at the heart, living or dead, of the issue and escape from its bone-chilling hallways! This difficult level 3 adventure is rife with danger, puzzles, and harrowing rooms that are sure to be a nail-biting thrill for your players!

Trigger Warning: This adventure is designed for a scary Halloween session and as such contains tropes that not all players may be comfortable with. 

DMDave wrote this adventure and writes content just like it, including feats, classes, races, and more daily for 5th edition! He is also the write for Broadsword Magazine, a monthly print magazine loaded with new 5th edition content. Patrons receive additional .pdfs, poll access, custom requests, and other exclusive bonus content! Support DMDave today!

It’s deathly cold in the manor!

This snowy property is desolate, but the sounds of dogs and footprints can still be seen in the fresh-fallen powder. Find new rooms, passageways, and hidden horrors in this multi-tiered series of maps!

Cze and Peku provide multiple map packs of unrivaled quality for their patrons each month. Patrons receive additional map variants that can transform the entire design of the environment! You can become a patron today and access additional variants of these very maps! Support them today!

Haunting miniatures!

Fend off the unexpected and undead with these new printable miniatures ranging from Tiny to Huge! Can you escape their chilling grasp?

Paper Forge creates weekly miniatures for patrons to use in your games! Patrons can access every miniature, color variant, cut file (so you don’t have to cut it yourself!), raw art file, and more! With over 100 miniatures already made and counting, this is the simplest way to expand and freshen your miniature collection! Become a patron today!

Creepy enemies!

10 new creature statistics for the creatures found in this adventure are sure to be adversaries your players won’t soon forget. Featuring animated books, ghostly hounds, and other unspeakable evils, these creatures will be perfect for your group’s encounters.

ItsADnDMonsterNow creates unique combat encounters for their patrons and is a staple in the D&D homebrew community. Patrons receive exclusive monsters and access to the growing IADnDMN compendium! Support IADnDMN today!

Tricky spoils!

3 new Halloween-themed items make their way into this release and have both fun and unsettling uses! From common candy to uncommon ghost-slaying weaponry, these items are a perfect fit for your Halloween adventures.

The Griffon’s Saddlebag creates daily homebrew items for your campaign that are illustrated, written, and balanced to look and feel like official content. Patrons receive instant access to the almost 300 existing items already made, as well as their art, cards, compendium entries, tables, and more. Become a patron today!

The adventure gets better with you!

This collaboration was a freely made project between DMDave, Cze & Peku, Paper Forge, It’s A DnD Monster Now, and The Griffon’s Saddlebag. If you haven’t already, consider becoming a patron today to help support the passion and effort that goes into this work. Quality D&D content gets better when it’s supported by people like you!

Cheers, adventurers!

—Dave, Cze & Peku, Wilson & Grond, Kyle, and Griffin

The download links are over on Patreon.

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  1. Is the image up top on this page a modified version of a still from the Hammer Horror Classic film
    “The Fall of The House of Usher”?

    Christopher Simpson.

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