New Magic Item: Zexian’s Magic Key Holder

By the end of this year, I’ll be releasing a brand new product on my Amazon store. It’s a carbon fiber key organizer that holds and stores keys and other cool nicknacks.

While the product itself is pretty dang cool (if I say so myself), I thought it was only appropriate if I made the stats for a magic item to go along with it.

Hence: Zexian’s Magic Key Holder

Pro-type design for Zexian’s Magic Keyholder, ETA 2018 Q4 on Amazon.

Zexian’s Magic Key Holder

Wondrous item, legendary

This key holder holds ten keys, each capable of opening a magic portal capable of bridging the distance from the portal to a pre-attuned destination. The holder is created from two strips of black metal that are bound by two bolts at the top and bottom. Those bolts hold the keys in place. If the bolts are removed and the strips and keys are separated, the keys lose their attunement and must be reset.

To reset a key, the key holder’s owner must insert the key into a normal, nonmagical lock and hold it within that lock for one minute. After that time, the key briefly glows with a bright, white light, signifying that it is attuned to that doorway. From that moment on, whenever that key is inserted into any other normal door’s lock, the door magically opens up to the attuned doorway instead of its normal destination. The destination can be on any plane of existence. If the doorway that a key is attuned to is destroyed, the key loses its attunement and must reset.

When discovering the key holder, roll randomly to determine the destination of each of its keys using the Plane of Existence chart.

d100 Key Destination
1 – 10
No destination; key is blank.
11 – 60
Prime Material Plane
61 – 70 Sigil
71 – 73 Mechanus
74 – 76 Arcadia
77 – 78 Mount Celestia
79 – 80 Bytopia
81 – 82 Elysium
83 – 84 Feywild
85 – 86 Shadowfell
Elemental Plane of Earth
Elemental Plane of Fire
Elemental Plane of Air
Elemental Plane of Water
91 Acheron
92 The Nine Hells
93 Gehenna
94 Hades
95 Carceri
96 The Abyss
97 The Astral Plane
98 – 100
Pocket Dimension


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