Neverending Dungeon Room 5 – Mouse

Welcome to the Neverending Dungeon! The adventure starts when characters wake in a dungeon with no recollection of how they got there. Each room of the dungeon is loaded with traps, monsters, puzzles, treasure, and more. As time goes on, I’ll create more and more rooms, building out at least one room per week plus an additional room for every 10 patrons that follow my Patreon account.

You are free to play the dungeon as it lies, or you can take the individual puzzles, traps, and room layouts and use them in your own designs. It’s totally up to you.

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Note: This is the fifth room of the dungeon. You can check out the first room for free here on and you can get rooms 2-3 on Patreon.


Room 5 – Mouse

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This room is cut into two parts. The lower level, the one you’re on, takes up about a third of the room. At the far end across from you is a treasure chest. A set of stairs leads up to the higher level where the room is further split by iron cell bars. Behind those bars, a skeleton springs to life the moment it sees you.


Like the skeleton in Room 3, this skeleton’s purpose is to ward off any intruders. It is armed only with a shortbow and 15 arrows for such a task. Around its neck, the skeleton carries the skull key.

Special Features

Chest. The chest in the southeastern corner is (surprisingly) neither locked nor trapped. Inside are four sets of traveler’s clothes.

Mouse Cage. For whatever reason, a mouse is kept in a simple cage with food and water. The cage is unlocked. The mouse uses a rat stat block except it has no effective attacks. It is friendly and will travel with the characters.

Large Lever. The large lever by the western wall opens Door C when pulled.


These are the exits to and from this room. Refer to Appendix A for details on these doors.

Door A. Locked steel-reinforced door, special. This door remains locked unless the Pressure Plate A in Room 3 is triggered.

Door B. Locked simple wooden door, skull key. The door handle has a skull symbol on it.

Door C. Locked cell door, special. This door remains locked unless the large level in this room is pulled.

Door D. Locked simple wooden door, skull key. The door handle has a skull symbol on it.

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