The Dungeon Dude Promotional Subclasses Information and FAQ

Wow! I’m astounded! Just yesterday afternoon at 5pm CST, Dungeon Dude, a cartographer on Instagram, had only 515 followers. I was in the process of looking for a new artist to promote and he chimed in that he would help out. Little did Dungeon Dude know that I would choose him for promotions.

24 hours later, with the help of all you, the Dungeons & Dragons community, Dungeon Dude had over 2,115 followers! Way to go!

In exchange for these new followers, I offered up my content services for creating new subclasses. One new subclass per 200 new followers. And THEN I offered to double it if he hit 2,000. Simply amazing and very exciting!

Well, I have to make FOURTEEN new subclasses! Holy Toledo!

What subclasses are getting made?

Here is everything that’s slated to get made:

  • Barbarian – Path of the Void
  • Bard – College of Death
  • Cleric – Space Domain
  • Druid – Circle of Blight
  • Fighter – Exotic Weapon Master
  • Monk – Way of the Animal
  • Paladin – Oath of Termination
  • Ranger – Falconer
  • Rogue – Dwarven Demolitionist
  • Rogue – Gambler
  • Sorcerer – Time Soul
  • Warlock – The Goat Patron
  • Wizard – Chronomancer Arcane Tradition
  • BONUS: Puppet Master Class Option

When will these new subclasses be out?

I’ll be creating these classes over the course of the next few days. I will admit that the Puppet Master class option was already in the worlds when the promotion started. So it’s nearly complete already. I’m hoping that I can knock out a majority this weekend and have them out by this same time next week at the latest.

Will these be available in PDF form?

Yep! They sure will! Once they’re up, I’ll have you awesome people look them over for any mistakes and test them out within my own network. Then, when I’ve got enough feedback, I’ll tie them up in a PDF. The PDF will be available for FREE for a limited time (probably 2-3 days)  and then will be for sale here on the site and available to all my Patrons for FREE.

In addition to the PDF, I’m going to put these into a printable player’s handbook that I plan on selling through Amazon Create Space. That’s right! You’ll be able to order a physical copy of the book that you can do whatever you want with it.

Why charge for them at all? Why not keep them free?

I’m a creative. And I work hard. As of this writing, there are over 400,000 words worth of free content here on this site available for you to do with whatever you like. The PDFs and printed copies are to support the site and keep it going. I literally don’t take a paycheck from this site despite spending close to 50 hours per week working on it.

Yeah, I have a day job if you can believe that. 😛

I do it because I want to support the community and local talent. Every dollar made goes back into boosting the site with paid ads, paying artists for work, and other cool stuff to keep it getting in front of more people. And you’ll never hear me apologize for doing that.

Even so, everything is free free free on the site for you to use in your personal games.

Will you continue to run these promotions?

Yep! I love them. They help great artists get noticed and it’s a great feeling to see someone who was hardworking and unnoticed suddenly get a whole bunch of attention. I’ve done two of these so far and both have been a huge success.

Not only do people love the creatives that I’m introducing them to, but they enjoy the work that comes out of it, too.

How can I get promoted like @dungeon.dude did?

There’s no waiting list or deals made. And I don’t ever take money to promote people. I just stalk around the internet looking for cool people making cool stuff and make sure they get noticed. You’re free to message me whenever you like and ask to get promoted and I might consider it.  Doesn’t mean I’ll pick your account! But if you have questions regarding things like marketing, content creation, or more, I will always help out in any way I can.

Do you have to make so many posts on Instagram?

Yep. I’m a marketer. It’s what I do. And I want these creatives to win. So I’m going to work as hard as I can to make sure that they do. If that’s something you’re not crazy about or “find annoying”, do the entire community a favor and unfollow me.

These promotions are about having fun. And if you aren’t having fun with what is at its heart a game then what are you even doing here?

These artists don’t pay me for these promotions. Half the time they aren’t even aware what’s happening until it’s happening. And other than charging for the PDFs (which is free the first few days when it’s released anyways) and printed versions, all this stuff is 100% free on the site. And when I do make money from the backend sales, all that money just goes back to supporting the creatives.

It takes me a shit ton of time to create this stuff, too. I will probably spend roughly 70-100 hours putting just this stuff together, working late nights and early mornings. It ain’t easy! And that’s not even counting having it peer-reviewed on Reddit (which isn’t always a joy, mind you), playtested, and organized into printable content.

You will be hard pressed to ever find someone who can produce as much as I can. That ain’t bragging, that’s the truth: I typed 1.7m words in 14 weeks according to Grammarly, smashing their records. Haha! I literally write for a living. And while some of the stuff might be shitty, occasionally some of it’s good (occasionally).

If all of that still sounds bad to you, then fuck off please and thank you. There’s plenty of people who do like and enjoy it, so I do the work for them, not for the entitled people who want lots of free shit with nothing asked for in return.

How can I help?

Ah, now that’s a great question! I’ve got a number of ways that you can help out and build this community.

  1. If you’re an artist, you can chip in with designs. Already, some terrific artists have helped such as Felipe 5Horas with the races. And even more creatives have offered this go around!
  2. You can join the DMDave network. This is still relatively new, but it works kinda like this: if you’re a content creator and consistent and good, you can use this site to post your material and promote whatever you’re promoting. It’s totally free. And I’ll even support you on Instagram. Just hit me up on Instagram or on the Facebook page.
  3. Engage, share, and spread the love! Remember, this is about having fun and being part of a community. I want great artists to be seen. And I want to show off everyone that I can. So please share share share!
  4. Collaborate. This one is a little more reserved (it takes up a ton of bandwidth), but this means we work on a big project together and kickstart it. Much like the artist promos, these Kickstarters are to promote creatives. Of course, this is with a little more “oomph” than Instagram.

Anything else?

Yes. I just want to say, “Thank you.” Thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!

I wouldn’t do any of this if I didn’t have you all to help me out. I have a lot of fun making this stuff, but what really keeps me going is the support and relationships I’ve built within this community.

Just know that I will always try to answer every email, DM, comment that I get. It may take a while and I might miss a few, but know that I’m here.

Again: THANK you.

See you soon!

Art by Wizards of the Coast

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