We’re off to see the wizard…

From the beloved books of L. Frank Baum, the Marvelous Land of Oz is coming to Fifth Edition. This new 100% Fifth Edition compatible setting comes with everything you need to play in the magical world of Oz, including:

  • New playable races (munchkins, talking animals, constructs…)
  • New subclasses (one for each class…)
  • New player options (backgrounds, feats, downtime…)
  • New equipment (Dorothy’s silver shoes, the witch’s broom…)
  • New NPCs (Dorothy Gale, Tin Woodman, the Wicked Witch of the West…)
  • New monsters (wheelers, hammerheads, winged monkeys…)
  • Adventuring in Oz (travel to the four countries of Oz or beyond the Deadly Desert…)

All this is free to all DMDave patrons once his Patreon account hits 270 patrons (81% the way there as of this writing).

A sample page from the PDF. The interior is meant to look like an exact reproduction of the original 1900 First Edition novel.

Who is creating this?

This Fifth Edition campaign setting is created by DMDave, the internet’s most prolific Fifth Edition content creator. With over 29,000 Instagram fans, 11,000 Facebook fans, and more than 2,000 blog readers per day, thousands of Fifth Edition GMs and players trust DMDave for new 5e content.

What’s the campaign setting cost?

All DMDave patrons get this 5e campaign setting in PDF form.

And it’s only $3 to become a DMDave Patron.

Plus, DMDave’s patrons get:

  • All of DMDave’s PDF archives. There are over 40 PDFs on the site with more coming daily, including a 56-page e-book you get right away.
  • Monthly requests for all tiers. All patrons get to make requests for their own Fifth Edition ideas to be created. The final works are put into PDF and sometimes even in print in BroadSword Monthly.
  • Daily patreon exclusive content. Daily PDFs include subclasses, monsters, mechanics, and more.
  • Exclusive Discord channel. DMDave’s patrons and Kickstarter backers all get to join in on the fun with an exclusive Discord channel where DMDave personally answers all of your 5e questions for you.
  • Stretch Goal PDFs. When DMDave’s patreon hits certain levels, he releases a special PDF for all patrons. These special PDFs include books on creating your own Fifth Edition content, campaign settings (like Oz), or whatever patrons vote on.
  • Voting in Polls. All of DMDave’s content is guided by patron suggestions and polls. You get to vote in those polls.
  • BroadSword Monthly. Patrons of electrum tier and higher get BroadSword, a monthly adventure book, in PDF format. Gold members and higher get the book in hardcover mail to them (US only).
  • Swag and Gaming Goods. Platinum patrons get additional goodies including game pieces, t-shirts, and more.

Join in on the fun!

It’s only $3 to get in on the Wizard of Oz for Fifth Edition plus at least 45 other PDFs when you sign up.


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