Dark Sun 5E Monstrous Compendium

This is an index for the Dark Sun monsters created here on DMDave.com for use in Fifth Edition campaigns.

Dark Sun Creatures

Aarakocra, Athasian Hejkin
Anakore Human, Athasian
Baazrag Id Fiend
Belgoi Inix
Braxat Jhakar
Brohg Kank
Cactus Kestrekel
Chathrang Kiire
Cilops Megapede
Cloud Ray Mekillot
Crodlu Mul
Dagorran Nightmare Beast
Dragon of Tyr Psurlon
Dray Rampager
Drake Sand Bride
Dune Reaper Silk Wyrm
Dwarf, Athasian Silk Horror
Eladrin Silt Runner
Elf, Athasian Spider, Athasian
Floating Mantle
Ssurran (Lizardfolk)
Gaj Tarek
Ghost, Raaig Tembo
Giant, Athasian Thrax
Gith, Athasian Thri-Kreen
Golem, Athasian Wight, Athasian
Zombie, Athasian
Halfling, Athasian

Note: this index works both as an index and as a checklist while I work through the monsters. Check in often to see it updated.

Art by Wizards of the Coast

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