Glaive of the Revenant King | New 3rd Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

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40 pages of mystery, war, and dangerous dungeons

Deep within the dark recesses of the Tomb of Nihalar, the final resting place of elven kings, the weapon of the wood elves of Imfe Aiqua stirs. Two individuals are drawn to the weapon—but only one can accept it. Who will take up the glaive of the revenant king and become the ruler of the forgotten elven city?

Glaive of the Revenant King is a 3rd-level Fifth Edition adventure for 3-5 characters. Characters who survive the adventure should reach the 4th level by the adventure’s conclusion. This is the major side quest in the Hand of Eight adventure path. It can be played as the kickoff for the larger adventure setting or as a one-shot adventure for your players. The campaign is intended to be set in the DMDave crowdsourced campaign world of Omeria. However, it can just as easily be inserted into any other mysterious, untamed wilderness.

The adventure is written by renown Fifth Edition author, DMDave Hamrick. It’s 40 pages of fast-paced fantasy adventure that includes zombie hordes, horrible monsters in dark forests, battles with orcs, and tombs filled with dangerous traps.

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A classic dungeon romp in the vein of 1st and 2nd edition classics

Glaive of the Revenant King pays tribute to the classic dungeons of 1st and 2nd edition (ie, certain “tombs” known for “annihilating” characters) filled with traps, dangers, and other hazards that make characters use their brains instead of brawn.The final dungeon was expertly crafted by renown cartographer, Miska Fredman, one of the hardest working and talented cartographers in the business.

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Prepare for war with new, easy-to-run mass combat rules!

Could you imagine running a battle that involves 150 creatures on one side and 30+ on the other? Glaive of the Revenant King introduces simple-to-run mass combat rules to make sure that one of the biggest moments of the adventure goes smoothly.Plus, the Camp Hummingbird battle map designed by Forgotten Adventures is a visual treat that adds to the epicness of the combat.Forgotten Adventures creates digital assets and tabletop battle mats to bring your adventures to live. 

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Arm yourself with the eponymous glaive of the revenant king!

The long-lost blade of Ruehnar Kelren the Blade springs to life thanks to the deft hand and creative mind of The Griffon’s Saddlebag. This legendary weapon is more than just the symbol of power in the elven lands of Ayas Kelren: it’s capable of dealing devastating damage, as well. The Griffons Saddlebag creates professionally designed hand-painted magic items for you to add your collection with new items daily.

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Dave, Miska, Peter, and Griffin

Main art by Shutterstock.


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  1. I am thinking of running and purchasing this adventure after my players on Roll20 finish Lost Mine of Phandelver. However, they will likely be level 5. I wanted to ask if anyone knows about how much roleplay there is in this adventure in relation to combat/dungeon. Furthermore, is it possible and easy to level up some of the encounters to suit a level 5 party?

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