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Glaive of the Revenant King | New 3rd Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Keep reading to learn more about the fantastic creators who brought this adventure to life. OR download the adventure now by going over the Patreon page (download assets are the bottom). == 40 pages of mystery, war, and dangerous dungeons Deep within the dark recesses of the Tomb of Nihalar, the final resting place of […]

Tremor | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Tremor is a 25-foot tall bear that crashes through the Wallingmiotta. While many believe Tremor is one of the Great Titans, this is untrue. Tremor was created spontaneously through fey magic. He now acts as the ultimate protector of the forest. Tremor does not move through the Wallingmiotta quietly. He can be spotted or heard […]

The Hand of the Eight: Chapter 2 – Assault on the Ghost Holm | New 2nd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

The sea-faring orcs of the Odzedoz clan have grown more and more dangerous over the last few months. Just recently, the tribe attacked the fishing village of Haver during a hurricane. Now, comes word that the meddlesome orcs have captured a respected Castlegraspian noble’s daughter. Led by the loathsome Mega the Brash, the orcs make […]

The Hand of the Eight: Chapter 1 – The Storm of Mega | New 1st-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Just off the coast of the town of Haver, a powerful storm churns. The town has begun preparations for the hurricane, evacuating non-essentials to the nearby village of Roselake. Unfortunately, what they didn’t account for is the sea-faring orc tribe of the Odzedoz to use the storm as the perfect opportunity to lay siege to […]

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