Kaiju Hunter: Announcement New Player Options for 5e D&D

Recently, I got a request to stat up a goliath monster for fifth edition D&D: Zorah Magdaros from Monster Hunter: World.

While taking the request, it quickly became obvious to me that it was impossible to make Zorah “just” a monster.

Standing at 845 feet, this walking volcano elder dragon deserved to be a complete challenge unto itself.

So that’s what I did.

And the reviews I got were pretty great!

“Bruh, thats lunacy. 10/10 will use this at some point”

“This was way better than I could have hoped it would be this is awesome thank you @dungeonmasterdave

“That’s awesome I look forward to it [in] the future. Will definitely have to use this in our upcoming monster hunter style dnd campaign”

The idea was so simple. After all, big big boss monsters should be more than just a chunk of hit points and high AC with crazy damage output.

They should be a challenge.

And one that’s not easily solved.

That’s when it hit me: Kaiju Hunter, an entire D&D fifth edition OGL supplement dedicated to high-level players battling impossibly large monsters.

I’d write the book!

But what else could I put in this book?

Putting the ideas together

The gears started turning.

Ideas ideas ideas…

Right away, I knew I wanted 14 types of challenges in the book, one for each monster type in the Monster Manual, and each like a mini-dungeon/boss fight.

I’d create massive dragons, mega-liches, impossibly large robots, and even giants whose entire heads were castles.

Of course, with stuff that big, player characters need a way to fight them, too.

There would be new class options for all the player classes.

New magic weapons, armor, and items.

Possibly even vehicles and mech-suits for PC”s to do proper battle with the beasts.

Spells, feats, backgrounds, combat options, races.

Oh yeah, this was going to be good.

Some assembly required.

The plan is simple.

I have a date in mind: December 4th, 2018, a Tuesday.

That’s when I’ll do a Kickstarter campaign.

In the meantime, I’ll start putting together the “public face” of the project.

Weekly updates with new content (not all of it will be revealed here, of course).

Artwork commissioned.

Playtesting, playtesting, playtesting…

But overall, the entire project should be fun!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you’re excited as I am!

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    1. lol probably not. As much fun as it would be! Haha! Right now @jdrillustrator and I are working on The Secret of Forsaken Peak, but maybe that’s something I can incorporate into it. A lot of people really seemed to like the Zorah Magdaros build.

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