How to Create Magic Items for Fifth Edition (Now Available in PDF)


I’m DMDave, author of all of this site’s content. I’ve been playing for more than 25 years and I just love writing about the world’s greatest roleplaying game. And I’m happy to announce that all of the content will now be available for you to purchase here on the site exclusively!

The brand new guide that came out yesterday, How to Create Magic Items for Fifth Edition, is now available on the site for you to purchase.

What do you get in the guide?

  • How to create magic items using official Fifth Edition rules.
  • The proper way to format and write a text block for magic items.
  • Tricks to balance your magic items so they aren’t overpowered or underpowered.
  • In-game rules for character magic item creation.
  • PLUS a hack on making extra money selling monster body parts.

Plus, the guide is formatted in the traditional Fifth Edition motif!

For a limited time, the guide is only $3.00 $1.00.

Get the PDF How to Create Magic Items in Fifth Edition for $1.00

7-Day Guarantee

It’s backed up by a 7-day guarantee. If you don’t like it or it isn’t what you hoped for, I’ll refund your money no questions asked. Simply contact me at and I’ll hook it up.

What are people saying about DMDave?

“This is gonna be so helpful for my group. Thank you very much. It is also helpful for me to adjust and make my own magic items.” – Jesse W.

“I love your stuff.” – @phoodgawd on Instagram

“Love all your stuff. It really helps writer’s block looking getting inspired by your creations!” – Jesse H.

Get the guide now!

This is available only for a limited time. Of course, if you don’t want to pay the $1.00 for the PDF, the entire guide is still free here on the site.

Get the PDF How to Create Magic Items in Fifth Edition for $1.00

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