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King Evadimus of Riva is dead and the Omerian Throne sits vacant. Childless, Evadimus had no clear heirs. Consequently, it is now a time of grim politics, war, and intrigue as powerful lords and ladies from across the Shining Continent vie for the spot as the land’s greatest monarch.  Who will become the next ruler of Omeria? That is the subject of the Rivals for the Omerian Throne game.

What is the Rivals for the Omerian Throne game?

Rivals for the Omerian Throne is a game within my Patreon account for patrons that have Legendary status (see below). Similar to the Gods of Wandrossa game from earlier this year, the rivals get to affect the actual landscape of the continent of Omeria.

Here’s the rough gist of how the game works:

  1. Each legendary member is a king/queen/powerful ruler (hereafter referred to as a ‘rival’) in the DMDave campaign world of Omeria. Their character gets a full NPC stat block based on the description that the player gives me. These stat blocks will appear in the content.
  2. The rivals all have their own cities, city-states, or contested lands in Omeria. These will be featured on the map of the world and possibly even come with a randomly (or professionally!) generated map of the city or landscape.
  3. Each month, the rivals of Omeria will get to affect the world in some way through the use of points (or possibly something simpler). They can use these points to build their city up, start wars, expand their territory and more. We’ll work together in the Legendary Lounge with what’s possible and what’s not.
  4. Once every week or so, I’ll release a gazetteer of the world that will identify all of the elements added in, including the results of any wars/etc between the rivals, trade alliances, intrigue, etc.
  5. Future adventures will take place in and around those cities and may even incorporate the kings/queens into storylines. If you’re tied in, your rival will make an appearance and you’ll dictate the role they play in the adventure.
  6. You’re free to do whatever so long as it’s original (you can’t be King Wolverine of X-mania, etc.), doesn’t offend (there are some gray areas there, so we’ll have to play that by ear), and within reason. For example, you can’t say “I lift up the entire continent and fly across the sea” without, you know… build-up to do something like that. I have the ultimate power to say “no” to anything.

What is Legendary Status?

Originally, this game was going to be reserved for Platinum members only. Then some of my Patrons hit me up with some good questions: What if you’ve been a member forever but non Platinum? Or what if you were platinum and had to downgrade because of some real-life troubles?

Hey, I’m an understanding dude! Things happen. That’s why I’m introducing the “Legendary Members” system. For people who’ve been loyal subscribers for a long time or are just involved and help out with stuff, you’ll get “Legendary” status.

The regulations are as follows:

You must be a currently subscribed Platinum member


You have contributed a minimum of $250 as a DMDave patron and/or Kickstarter backer and still be subscribed (any tier).


You are a 12-month subscriber from Kickstarter and you are subscribed to DMDave at any level.


You are a DMDave regular collaborator (this includes artists, writers, proofreaders, and more).

Rules for Play

Having learned from my mistakes with Gods of Wandrossa in early 2019, there are a few ground rules for this game.

  1. This is a collaborative storytelling game and is non-competitive. You’re free to go with war, etc. with the other kings and queens, but you must work out the angles with the others in question.
  2. All players are created equal. Although there are restrictions for who can play, those who can play are no more powerful than the next, regardless of seniority, method of entry, etc. I’ll be keeping the nature of the players a secret anyways.
  3. No elitism. If you know that you’re a legendary player that’s been around for a long time, I cannot drive this home enough: even if you’ve been a platinum subscriber for over a year and a new guy shows up who’s just been proofreading, you are equals. Any sort of “oh, I should have more power because I’ve been platinum for a year” kinda talk in Discord first gets a warning, then gets a suspension, then gets banned. I don’t care how much you pay. If this seems pretty serious, here’s why: this is the biggest reason the game fell apart last time. I’m not having it again.
  4. What DMDave says goes. I’m a pretty flexible dude. If I can take the word “spatula” and turn it into a dungeon room, it’s likely that there’s not much else I can’t work with. But if I don’t allow an action or limit you, just know that it’s to keep the balance of gameplay. Not because I don’t like you.
  5. Have fun. This is a game and games should be fun. If you’re not having fun, come to me and we’ll chat. But also, remember, your fun is different than other people. There might be story angles or characters that you don’t like. You just have to roll with it. Plus, if you don’t like a player, don’t worry. I’ll make it so you don’t interact.

Will other patrons get to join in?

Starting off, it’ll just be for legendary status folks. However, it’s likely I’ll open things up a bit starting in January. Those of the “next tier” will get to play important NPCs through Omeria that may not have the reach that the rivals do, but are still important none-the-less. This pilot program may even come as soon as the midpoint of December. We’ll see!

How do I join in on the fun?

All you have to do is become a DMDave patron to get all the cool details! Hop over to DMDave’s Patron and start subscribing. In addition to this game, subscribers even at the $3 get almost daily PDFs, requests, polls, and more.

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