The Hand of the Eight: Chapter 1 – The Storm of Mega | New 1st-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Just off the coast of the town of Haver, a powerful storm churns. The town has begun preparations for the hurricane, evacuating non-essentials to the nearby village of Roselake. Unfortunately, what they didn’t account for is the sea-faring orc tribe of the Odzedoz to use the storm as the perfect opportunity to lay siege to the town. Led by Mega the Brash, a powerful orc chief known for his blood-thirsty, take-no-prisoners nature, the orcs are a true force to be reckoned with.

The Storm of Mega is a 1st-level Fifth Edition adventure for 3-5 characters. Characters who survive the adventure should reach 2nd level by its conclusion. This is the first chapter in the Hand of Eight adventure path. It can be played as the kickoff for the larger adventure setting or as a one-shot adventure for your characters.

The campaign is intended to be set in the DMDave crowdsourced campaign world of Omeria, but can just as easily be inserted into any other large town overlooking a large ocean or sea.


Three weeks ago, a gnome sage from Knotside named Valcyrn Vorpos came into possession of an ancient tome. The heavy, leather tome was written in a language that hadn’t been read or spoken in over a millennium. Teetering on the edge of skepticism and intrigue, Vorpos sent word to the four wisest sages he knew, the fabled Oracles of Brezutism. They, too, were intrigued.

Unfortunately, one of the Oracles, Ruhmeid Nammod of Gilstead, knew exactly what the book was; the book was named Prime and it held within its pages dark secrets. Nammod brought this information to his master, a vile fiend named Hulay, and immediately Hulay tasked Nammod to steal the book.

Nammod encouraged the other Sages and Vorpos to meet him in his hometown of Haver, just off the Weysevain Coast. There, the group would work together to decipher the book’s meaning and learn its purpose. As Haver was a “midway point” for the Sages, they agreed to the idea.

From there, Nammod put his plan into motion. He’d use a ritual to call forth a powerful storm—a hurricane—to lock down the harbor and the town. Then, through back channels, he’d task a regional, sea-faring orc clan named The Odzedoz to attack. But the raid wouldn’t be just a distraction; he paid the raiders’ captain, a mean-spirited orc named Mega, to attack and kill the other four sages. With no witnesses, Nammod could bring the book to Hulay and no one would know any better.

The characters are journeying or just starting out in the town of Haver when the storm hits and the orcs attack.

Adventure Summary

The adventure begins when the characters are paid by local Haverians to help them protect the town from the coming hurricane; boarding up windows, making sure any refugees who need to escape to Roselake do so, etc. It’s not exciting work, but the pay is decent.

Fishermen anchoring in the harbor report the presence of a small fleet of orcish ships sailing along the coast headed straight for the harbor. Low on men, the towns’ burgomeister asks the characters to help the town against the invasion.

Once the assault begins, the characters must battle orc pirates through the storm. They take notice of a pair of orcs who head directly for the location where the sages are, clearly with a different agenda. If the characters follow the orcs, they find them attacking the sages.

As an event-based adventure, there are many different ways that this adventure could go.

The Storm

Nammod used a scroll of control weather to summon the hurricane. As the adventure progresses, the hurricane worsens, and the orcs of The Odzedoz attack during its strongest point. Nammod is secretly concentrating on the spell the entire time and seems visibly distracted.

Adventure Hooks

As a 1st-level adventure, there are a plethora of reasons why the characters are in Haver, either as a party that already knows each other or as individuals. Here are a few hooks that you could use to get the party involved in the adventure.

Trouble Sighted

A trusted sailor and Haverian, Nononlim Marblemantle told Rahl he saw a fleet of three orcish longships coming up the coast with the storm. Low on help and unlikely to get assistance from neighboring Castlegrasp during the storm, Rahl and burgomeister Mastid ask the characters to help, offering to pay 50 gp per character.

Important Meeting

Supposedly, a group of Omeria’s greatest oracles are meeting in secret at the Sparkling Lookout. Whispers abound that the graybeards possess a book with unreadable text; no one even knows the title of the book. Hardly an event for a sagacious or learned person to miss.

Just Passing Through

The journey north through the Lost Dragon Pass is an arduous one. But you’ve all heard that there are sailors in the village of Haver who can sail around the Beast’s Horn. From there, it’s a quick journey up the Tranquil River. Southern Omerians often talk about the adventures to be found beyond the Spine. Just gotta wait out this storm.

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Haver is a large village of roughly 800 people. Most Haverians toil in the Omerian Ocean as fishers, traders, and sailors. For the most part, it’s stayed out of the politics of greater Omeria (and the fiasco following the death of King Evadimus of Riva). The majority of Haverians are Ditimayan humans. However, around 20% are Von Doral dwarves. Although they’ve lived with each other for nearly three decades since the fall of Von Doral, the tensions are still high. Much of Haver is segregated, with the humans living and operating in the town proper and the dwarves living just past the Eastgate in the ironically nicknamed Noble’s Ward.

Long before it was a fishing village, Haver was a fortress and the site of the Attack of Regrets. Surrounding the edge of the harbor are the old ballista and canon ports facing towards the sea. Of course, an actual canon hasn’t been in place for almost a decade, not since the signing of the Treaty of Hidden Goals fifteen years prior.

Most travelers and Ditimayans know Haver for its piety and devout worship of Suen, God of Storms. Hurricanes and tropical storms aren’t uncommon in Haver. Since the powerful storms often disable competition, they see the destructive natural forces as gifts from Suen. As such, Haver is exceptional at preparing for such events.

Politics of Haver

The iron-willed burgomeister of Haver, Rhukhim Mastid (LN male Ditimayan human veteran) does his best to keep the peace between the Haverian humans and Von Doral dwarves. The humans believe he’s too soft on the dwarves, who the Haverians believe steal jobs and opportunities from the humans. Meanwhile, the dwarves believe Mastid gives favoritism to humans. Either way, there hasn’t been a riot or major scuffle for the better part of the year and he hopes to keep it that way.

The Von Dorals have their own representative, Degnarlum Coppertoe (NE male Von Doral dwarven commoner), a sailor. Coppertoe’s job is to protect the interests of the Von Dorals. Unfortunately, Coppertoe is easily manipulated and a cheap bribe. Since his election, he’s damaged the reputation of the Von Dorals more than he’s worked to repair it.

Finally, the local sages guild operates out of an abandoned lighthouse named the Sparkling Lookout. Ruhmeid Nammod (NE male Ebrovellian human mage) works with three other sages. While they aren’t politicians, per se, the sages do offer advice to the burgomeister and townsfolk when it’s needed.

Locations in Haver

Here is a summary of the notable places in Haver, as depicted in the map of Haver above.

1.  Sisaboat’s Gate

The gate takes its name from the town’s first burgomeister, Oli Sisaboat. A garrison of three human guards works at the gate. With crime and trouble so low, it’s rare they do more than drink and play dice.

Just beyond Sisaboat’s Gate is Rirrearded Market where farmers and other homesteaders south of Haver arrive to buy fresh wares from the Haverian fishers and traders. Despite Haver’s relatively small size, there is also a black market within the market, run by Graki (CN female half-orc thug).

2. Eastgate

The Von Doral dwarves use the Eastgate as their main entry into and out of Haver. They’ve supplied their own garrison of six dwarven guards. Unlike the human guards by Sisaboat’s, they stay alert of affairs at Eastgate, the Eastgate district just within the walls, and the Noble’s Ward where the Von Dorals live. The dwarven garrison is led by Alfoghistr “Alfie” Sapphirebuster (LN female Von Doral dwarf knight), a veteran of the Attack of Regrets.

Many of the dwarven trade shops are in Eastgate proper, whereas their residences are just outside of the gate itself. The dwarves have their own market named simply The Dwarven Market. It mostly caters of the wants and needs of the Haverian Von Dorals but does have a few goods Haverians and outsiders can’t find elsewhere in the town.

3. Sunrise Quarter

The Sunrise Quarter is best known for the open-air Temple of Suen. Gifts of fish, crabs, and shrimp are laid at her statue by the fishers and sailors of Haver. Ubirlun Grumblebrow (N male Von Doral dwarf priest) maintains the temple but spends most of his day lending a hand to the sailors down at the docks.

4. The Docks

Naturally, the docks are the center of commerce in Haver. At any given time, there are 8-9 sailing ships harbored within the dock, coming and going. Various warehouses and fisheries take up a good portion of this district. Although most Haverians are inured to it, the smell of raw fish is strong here. Rahl (NG male canid commoner) is the current master of the docks. Although Rahl spends most of his mornings hungover and most of his evenings chasing after the local ladies at The Wise Shirt, he’s beloved by most in Haver for his tenacity, loyalty, and kindness.

5. The Wise Shirt

There are three taverns in town and two inns, but the most popular of the bunch, by far, is the Wise Shirt. This drinking hole is owned and operated by Aywin Luphine (LG male high elf noble), who most see as a bit of a snoot, but it’s his star bartender Bezka Wells (LG female half-elf noble) who keeps everyone coming back night after night. Bezka drinks almost as much of the ale as she sells and loves to dance on the bar. Rumor around town is that she’s in a relationship with the burgomeister, but neither will confirm or deny the allegations.

The Shirt has a small inn, too, with four beds. It’s only 5 sp per night to sleep at the Shirt and that includes three square meals and stabling (if you’re coming with horses).

6. The Sparkling Lookout

Situated by the water and a short walk from Rirrearded Market, the sage’s guild makes its home in the long-abandoned lighthouse, the Sparkling Lookout. In addition to Ruhreid Nammod, there are three apprentice wizards here (LN male human commoners with proficiency in arcana that can cast firebolt, mage hand, and prestidigitation at will). Their names are Emar Cadel, Zuzen Mahran, and Nebrork Hallowpelt.

(As the Hand of the Eight campaign progresses, additional locations in the Haver will be developed.)

7. Townhall

The largest building in town is the townhall. Here, the burgomeister makes announcements concerning the welfare of the town. Any disputes and civil matters are handled here, as well. There is a small jail in the basement of the building capable of holding three prisoners.

8. Old Beatty

More of a decoration than a weapon these days, Old Beatty is a large, rusting mangonel that served during the Attack of Regrets. The weapon has stats typical for a mangonel (as detailed in Chapter 8 of the DMG).

Haver Region

Haver is on a rocky shore along the Weysevain Coast and the expansive Desolation of Ditimaya. It is a stopover point at the southern end of the Lost Dragon Pass before travelers reach Castlegrasp to the south.

A fertile belt of green surrounds the large village allowing farmsteads to plant thriving plum orchards, apricot trees, and palms. The ocean air combines with the warm winds of the Desolation, providing perfect growing conditions for vintners, especially south of Haver. Castlegrasp wine is beloved across most of Omeria (despite their affiliations).

Go sixty miles or further east and the Desolation takes over: rocky badlands, craggy boulder fields, and sandy dunes for miles on end.

To the west of Haver is the wondrous and stormy Omerian Ocean. The majority of the year, storms batter the Weysevain coast. Only during the dry summer months do are Haverians spared.

(As the Hand of the Eight campaign progresses, additional areas in the Haver region will be developed.)

The Storm Cometh

After you’ve established the reasons why the characters are in the village of Haver and they’ve had a chance to explore the village, introduce the coming storm with the following description:

A warm air turns cool and a rumble of thunder echoes overhead. Westward, black clouds boil over turbulent waters—a storm, and a nasty one by the looks of it. A bell starts to ring at the center of town. The folks of Haver seem to know what it means and start following protocol. The fishermen call to their hands to unpack what they can and tie down the rest. Shop owners cash out their customers and start tidying up. Parents coax their children away from the docks and back indoors.

Soon, the Haverians start shuttering windows, preparing sandbags in front of their doors, and remove any items outside of their homes or places of business that would get blown away during the storm.

Helping Mastid

After the characters have had a few minutes to react to the coming storm, introduce the following scenario.

“You there!” calls a tall fellow with dark hair and a crooked nose. “I’m the burgomeister here. Looks like we’ve got a hurricane brewing off the coast, likely headed this way. Could you assist?”

If the characters aren’t driven an innate desire to help the town prepare, Mastid offers each 5 gp for assistance and twice that if they do an exceptional job. From there, he’s got a few chores he can help with. The characters can work as a team, or they can split up to handle each of the chores.

Shutter Townhall

Townhall is a large, rectangular building bordering town square. As most of the garrison is assisting in evacuations, there aren’t many hands to help shutter its 10 windows. Mastid needs at least one character to assist.

Resolution. No checks are required, just time. It takes 20 minutes for one character to board up the window, 10 for two, 5 for three, and 2 for two.

Catch Tibby

Venerable Mrs. Odette’s white cat, Tibby, is on the loose and won’t come in. Frantic, Mrs. Odette demands that Mastid helps her, so Mastid asks the characters if they can assist. If they agree, they follow Mrs. Odette to her small house in the Sunrise Quarter.

Resolution. It takes three successful ability checks to catch Tibby. The checks must be made in order, and if one check fails, the characters have to start over at the first check. Each series of checks takes 1 minute to perform, even if the very first check fails.

  • First, one character will need to make a DC 14 Wisdom (Perception) check to spot the cat.
  • Second, once Tibby is spotted, a character must make a Dexterity check contested by Tibby’s Dexterity check (Tibby gets +2 to the check).
  • Third, the same character who succeeded on their Dexterity check must make a Strength (Athletics) check contested by Tibby’s Dexterity (Acrobatics) check in order to catch her. Tibby gets a +2 to her check.

Once all three checks are successful, the characters can hand off Tibby to Mrs. Odette who retreats into her shanty for the duration of the storm.

Convince Darebumli Onyxbrow to go to the Wise Shirt

Darebumli Onyxbrow (CN male Von Doral dwarf commoner) is a stubborn, drunk sailor who lives on his small sailing boat in the harbor. Every storm, he refuses to go in. Typically, it requires Mastid and at least two members of the garrison to convince him—by force, bribe, or lies—to go to the Wise Shirt where he can stay through the storm. Not wanting to deal with it this time, Mastid turns to the characters for assistance.

Resolution. Getting Onyxbrow to leave his ship and go to the Wise Shirt takes convincing. Have the players roleplaying the interaction with Onyxbrow. Onyxbrow is incredibly stubborn and has a bit of a foul mouth, spouting a surprising range of dwarven profanities through slurred speech. There are three things that will automatically motivate Onyxbrow to leave his ship for the Wise Shirt:

  • Gold. If the characters offer up at least 1 gp, Onyxbrow will head to the Shirt.
  • Alfie Sapphireburster. Should the characters mention that Alfie Sapphireburster will be at the Shirt, he’ll go. The old man’s got something of a crush on the guard.
  • Jokes. Onyxbrow loves a good joke. Any character who demonstrates a keen sense of humor or razor wit (the more off-color the better), will convince Onyxbrow to head towards the Shirt.

The only other option to get Onyxbrow to the White Shirt is to knock him out cold (Mastid mentions that it’s been the only solution on more than one occasion). The characters can fight the old man—who enjoys throwing things and cursing as he does—and knock him out with non-lethal force. The only trouble is that they’ll have to drag the heavy, old coot to the Shirt if they do that.

The Odzedoz Crushing Wave Banner


As the waves begin to lap at the shore rocking the boats in the harbor, Nononlim Marblemantle (NG male Von Doral dwarf commoner) rushes to Mastid or the characters with reports that he saw the black sails of the Odzedoz riding under the cover of the storm.

“Odzedoz,” sighs Mastid looking out over the black, cresting waves and lightning. “They’re a nasty band of orcish pirates led by a cutthroat named Mega. Half the garrison’s assisting with evacuations and with the storm coming, we won’t be able to get word to Castlegrasp. You’re fighters, right? Think you can help?”

Should the characters agree, Mastid offers to pay each character 50 gp for their services. The fisherman told Mastid they were at least twenty minutes out, so there would be time to prepare. They also mention that it looks like there were three longships.

Mastid explains the orcs’ typical tactics:

  • Fortunately, the Odzedozi longships aren’t (usually) equipped with siege weapons. However, each ship can hold as many as 50 orcs.
  • It’s likely that Mega is riding with them. Mega never misses the opportunity to join in a raid. Often, Mega (use the orc eye of Gruumsh but remove his spellcasting abilities) rides first into the throes of combat upon his giant vulture, Cheeko.
  • The orcs will use their overwhelming numbers to swarm the docks, preferring a frontal assault.


Fortunately, the characters and Mastid aren’t the only ones around to fight the pirates.

  • Alfie Sapphireburster has offered to stay with the noncombatants in the White Shirt along with Bezka and Aywin.
  • Rahl always invites a good fight. The canid arms himself with a harpoon that’s easily twice as long as he is tall.
  • Despite her orcish nature, Graki takes up arms for Haver whenever danger is near. She will directly assist the characters and Mastid.
  • 5 members of the garrison are still in town. They are all guards.
  • 10 sailors have offered to help. They are all commoners armed with light crossbows (+0 to hit, 1d6 piercing damage).
  • Old Beatty is the only mangonel leftover from the Attack of Regrets that’s still operational.


Mastid looks towards the characters for a defensive strategy, as his chief concern is protecting the people of Haver. However, if he’s asked for advice, he offers the following:

  • It takes five people to effectively operate Old Beatty. He suggests that the characters help with it since they’re more likely to understand its operation. If the characters don’t wish to use the mangonel, the guards from the garrison will instead use it.
  • The buildings surrounding town square offer plenty of excellent vantage points for snipers, especially the roof of the town hall.
  • The walls around the town—while crumbling—also offer an excellent vantage point against the orcs.
  • Should things turn bad, the White Shirt was once an old fortress. It’s easily defendable and has an old smugglers tunnel that leads out to the walls.

Raid of the Odzedoz

While you’re free to play out the Raid of the Odzedoz as you see fit and there are certain to be many changes to the actual course of play, the tactics the orcs use during the raid are as follows.

500 Feet from Harbor

The first sign of the ships comes with a flash of lightning. The three longships bear the black banners of the Odzedoz orcs. The ships move 60 feet per round, so it will take it roughly a minute to get to the harbor. The ships are within the long-range of the mangonel at this point.  It’s possible that the mangonel can down one ship (or at least knock out a handful of orcs) in that time.

200 Feet from the Harbor

As the ships enter the mangonel’s normal range, Mega takes off on Cheeko (Cheeko defaults to the Dodge action). Mega will fly straight towards anything that’s capable of dealing heavy damage to his ships—such as the mangonel—and then turn his attention to the south section of the town.

The Harbor

Once the three ships land, 70 orcs leap from its side and march into town. From there, they split into groups of 3-4, each group raiding a different location. The western part of the town is the most dangerous, as fully half of the raiding party stays within 300 feet of the boats. Despite the chaos they cause, Mastid does not recommend going into that area. “It’s certain death. The businesses will recover.”

Town Square

A group of 6 orcs heads for The White Shirt. Led by an experienced raider named Haguk, the orcs know that many of Haver’s citizenry will be holed up there. Haguk is an orc with 22 hit points. Sapphireburster and three commoners man the old fortress’ arrow slits with light crossbows, but the orcs are determined to break down the door. The doors to the White Shirt, when barred, have an AC of 16 and 30 hp with immunity to poison and psychic damage. If Mastid notices the orcs attacking, he encourages the characters to stop them.

Among the 15 commoners, Sapphireburster, and the Shirt’s the staff, Ubirlun Grumblebrow is in attendance as well. Grumblebrow offers healing to injured Haverians and the characters.

Rahl is Cornered

During the fray, Rahl bravely steps out and starts fighting a pair of orcs. Unfortunately, the canid is no match for them and is smote with a single hit, dropping to 0 hit points (but stable). Through the rain, the characters must rush to his aid, fighting off the orcs as they do. If Rahl is saved, the characters should consider bringing him to the White Shirt where Grumbebrow can apply healing.  “Did I get ’em?” Rahl will ask weakly, once he comes to.

Sisaboat’s Gate

After the orcs have been in Haver for 3-5 minutes, Mastid notices something unusual. Mega and a group of 4 orcs are headed for the southern part of the city. Their manner is determined—they’re after something. The market is closed and there are no residential areas on that side of town, so why go there? The only thing of note is the sage’s guild in the abandoned lighthouse, the Sparkling Lookout. Curious to Mega’s intentions, Mastid asks the characters to investigate.

Following Mega

Unless the characters are particularly stealth, Mega tasks Cheeko to attack. Cheeko is intelligent and cruel and should offer Mega and his squad some time. Cheeko won’t fight to the death, instead fleeing if his hit points are reduced by half or more.


The Sparkling Lookout

Unless the characters were able to cut Mega and his squad off, the orcs successfully made it inside the Sparkling Lookout. When the characters are within 50 feet of the building, read:

The door to the old lighthouse is off its hinges. As you approach, you hear a small explosion and hear the screams of orcs.

The lighthouse has four main areas described below.

1 – Entry

This large, octagonal room is 50-feet wide in diameter with 80-foot high ceilings. A staircase spirals along the walls up to the second floor. In addition to the entryway, there is a wooden door to the north that appears to have been hacked open. The charred body of a dead orc raider lies twenty feet from the door. After a few seconds, a second orc raider stumbles out of the room to the north holding its bleeding face. After a gasp, it collapses to the ground. Sounds of a scuffle continue.

Both of the orcs were killed by the sages’ magic.

2 – Guildhall

This 30-foot by 30-foot library is in tatters. You find three bodies on the ground, all humans with brightly-colored livery. They look dead, victims of axe attacks. Three orcs hover over a fourth human dressed in a similar manner who looks to be pleading for his life. The human holds a large leatherbound tome in his arms.

Mega and the two surviving orcs hacked into the guildhall and killed three of the Oracles of Brezutism. Only Ruhreid Nammod remains. If the characters approached the door to the guildhall carefully, they can hear Nammod begging Mega for mercy.

“You can’t kill me!” the gray-haired man pleads. “We had a deal. You and your men would attack the town and kill the other Oracles and I would get the book to Hulay.”

The large, mohawked orc snorts. “The deal has changed. As big a risk as you are taking, weak-sack, I imagine that book is worth more than what you paid me. I’m thinking much more.”

“You will anger Hulay!” says the old man.

“Then I will anger Hulay,” says the orc.

Unless the characters intervene before he can strike, Mega strikes Nammod down and takes the book, Prime. From there, Mega and the two surviving orcs will make their exit. If Cheeko survived the encounter with the characters, the vulture waits at the gallery of the lighthouse. Once Mega has collected the book, he has no interest in fighting the characters and will try to make a hasty escape, using the other two orcs as a distraction.

3 – Nammod’s Bedroom

The sage lives on the center floor of the lighthouse. The octagonal room is 40-feet in diameter with a spiral staircase at the center leading up to the gallery (Area 4) and another staircase leading down to the Entry (Area 1). The three apprentices and Valcyrn Vorpos are hiding here under Nammod’s bed. If Mega runs through this area, he ignores the presence of the acolytes and the gnome and heads directly for the staircase leading up to the lantern room.

4 – Lantern Room

The top of the lighthouse is surrounded by thick, rain-battered glass. A 5-foot wide catwalk surrounds the lantern. If Cheeko survived his encounter with the characters, the vulture’s broken one of the windows, exposing the lantern room to the hurricane outside. With his bird there, Mega wastes no time mounting the beast. He then flies back to his longships, sounding a horn to call the Odzedoz raiders back to sea.

Adventure Conclusion

At the very least, the characters should have encountered Mega and the orcs at the decommissioned lighthouse. Depending on how the characters handled the event, there are a few different possible outcomes.

Mega escaped with the book. If Mega escaped with Prime, he and his crew will sail back to the Odzedoz hideout in The Ghost Holm.

Mega survived but did not escape with the book. If the pirate lived, he’s likely frustrated with the characters for ruining his chance at earning both the book and the gold Nammod promised. Even if Nammod is alive, he’s not likely to pay Mega after the orc threatened his life. Mega will try to coax the characters into a trap.

Mega was killed. With Mega dead, the Odzedoz are without a leader. His toughest soldiers vie for the spot as the leader of the Odzedoz, demonstrating their leadership prowess through demonstrations of brutality.

Nammod survived and still has the book. Visibly shaken, but alive and with his prize, Nammod will try to flee the town. He has a horse tethered near the market that’ll he’ll use to ride south to Castlegrasp. If the characters cut him off before he can leave, Nammod asks the characters to help him secure the book, ensuring them that it is an artifact of great value. “In the wrong hands, doom will fall on the land.” Of course, if the characters heard Nammod’s protests to Mega, revealing his hand in the storm and raid, they may have reservations

Nammod survived but lost the book. If Mega escaped with the book but didn’t kill Nammod, Nammod is hysterical to get the book back. He’ll offer the characters a small fortune to retrieve it from the orc’s hold in The Ghost Holm. Even if the characters overheard Nammod’s pleas to Mega, Nammod drives home the fact that Mega could sell it to characters far more dangerous than Hulay.

Nammod was killed by Mega. Most likely, Mega kills Nammod. Once Nammod is dead, the control weather spell loses its power and within 10 minutes it’s back to blue skies and sunshine.

In addition to the sages at the Sparkling Lookout and any named NPCs that were killed during the incursion, two fishermen were killed at the hands of the Odzedoz. The Haverians spend the next couple of days cleaning up and making repairs. A funeral at sea is held for the departed, their bodies set upon flaming rafts with Ubirlun Grumblebrow offering them to Suen.

Mastid is true to his word and pays them the 50 gp promised. As he awards the characters for their hard work, he asks them one more favor:

The Odzedoz are a growing threat here. And this is probably their boldest attack yet. With the political trouble brewing over Omeria, it’s unlikely we’ll get as much help as we like from Castlegrasp. What would it take to have you help us handle the Odzedoz problem?

If the characters agree to help, Mastid and the other surviving townsfolk begin to make preparations for an attack on the Odzedoz’s fortress island of the Ghost Holm. The attack takes place in Chapter 2 of this adventure path, Assault on the Ghost Holm. Ω

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