Stat Anything: Season 2 – 10 New Things Coming Soon

After hitting 5,000 followers on Instagram last week, I reopened my Stat Anything series to requests. The first 10 people that gave me ideas for fictional people, places, or things, I would create stats for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Here are the items that I’ll be making for this “second season” of Stat Anything:

  1. Excalibur (requested by @criticalmis)
  2. The Cave of Wonders (requested by @brysoncore)
  3. Mjolnir (requested by @kory_kaiser)
  4. Book Shepherd (requested by @stonedeafdave)
  5. Electric Lute (requested by @daltonfiles)
  6. Dresden’s Kinetic Rings (requested by @james_crossland)
  7. Sif from Darksouls (requested by @a_mere_shrubbery)
  8. Basil from the Great Mouse Detective (requested by @spookysparkle.exe)
  9. A Child (requested by @kahlontheod)
  10. Gungnir (requested by @collin_studley_14)

And as a bonus, I’m also doing Shrek since I keep getting so many damn requests for him!

Thanks to all who made suggestions! I’ll be putting out 1 or 2 new Stat Anythings every Tuesday. So be sure to follow along with the blog by signing up to the box on the right side or down in the footer.

See you then!

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