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Personalities and Backgrounds of Athas (Dark Sun) | Player Guide for Fifth Edition

Continuing my series on Dark Sun, it’s time to dig into the backgrounds of Athas. Many of the Fifth Edition backgrounds transition smoothly into Dark Sun with only a few minor tweaks. Some had to be completely removed. In an effort to provide a complete ruleset, I’ve constructed the background options as concise as possible. In general, the backgrounds […]

Backgrounds Instead of Races | Rules Option for Fifth Edition

Say you want to do an all human campaign; perhaps you’re doing a modern horror setting or your campaign is a sword and sorcery epic. The problem with that is that there isn’t a whole lot of variety there. In fact, the necessity for having “races” at all vanishes. Humans either get ability score increases […]

Player Options: Undead Compulsions (Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons)

If you’ve been following the blog, then you probably know that I turned one of my players’ characters into a will-o’-wisp. Whoops. And that meant I had to create both a new player race and class to accommodate this change. But I forgot one big thing: backgrounds! Of course, the problem with undead is that […]

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