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The Races of Alberia (El Ocho Campaign Setting)

In campaigns that take place in Alberia, the only races available to play are as follows: Humans (Alberians) Dwarves (Aluxo’ob) Duendes Elves (Zule) Tecuani Yamas (Llamafolk) However, a variant campaign may include other races from the Player’s Handbook. Here are ways to work in the other races from Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonborn. While […]

Humans (Alberians): El Ocho Campaign Setting (Fifth Edition D&D)

Humans make up the majority of the sentient species living on the continent of Alberia, hence the term humanoid (although, zulish scholars would argue that they were the true race of origin). It’s hard to pinpoint common human traits, however, many anthropologists agree that the single defining characteristic of the human race is ambition. While […]

Luchador Playable Class for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

You are a luchador, the physical embodiment of strength, agility, and endurance in your community. The people of your village, city, or region look up to you to protect them from outside dangers. Your mask not only hides your identity but gives you a focus for the mystical or divine energies that fuel your powers. […]

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