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Spellbound Woods Adventure Planning Notes | 5th-Level Adventure for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

This one comes as a request from one of my Patrons and it’s part of the Gods of Wandrossa content that I have there on Patreon. The Spellbound Woods are a section south of a mountainous region known as the Drakecrags. It’s a magical forest guarded by a large wolf named Goliath. Interested in having […]

Free Adventure: Zoglagomerfn’s Hide Away for 5e D&D (3-5 9th Level Characters)

Zoglagomerfn was a grumpy old beholder that mostly stayed out of other folks’ businesses. But unfortunately for the old eye tyrant, someone recently put a pricey bounty on beholder heads. Soon after the news came out, a group of adventurers stormed her cave and put her down. Of course, those who paid for ol’ Zog’s […]

Ninja Attack! for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons (five 8th-level encounters for 3-5 players)

Tomorrow, my PCs are fighting an entire clan of ninjas. The scene? An inn/restaurant, of course. The ninjas will come in five waves: 18 bakemono. These mindless, muscle-headed goblins purpose is to get the PCs to use up (most of) their area effect spells. 35 bandits led by 2 ogres. The next wave consists of […]

Black Ichor of the Iron Obelisk

The Iron Obelisk weeps in near silence – the pools of ichor growing around it, fed by its melancholy nature. The ichors seep down and flow where underground waters should, tainting the darkness with the ennui and melancholy of the pillar of iron. This is a 5e Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 3-5 characters of 7th level.

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