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Lost Castle of Dreams | 9th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Estimated Duration: 4 hours Suggested Music: “Obscura” by ASKII Lair of the Chicken Lich The Lost Castle of Dreams is situated deep in the forest, far from the nearest town. Currently, it is infested by chickens. It is rumored that countless treasures of gold are stored here. Where to Add This Encounter This side trek […]

The Tarrasque Task of Moreen Trask | New 8th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

As a special gift over the holiday season, we contacted 20 battlemap makers, 2 miniature makers, 2 composers, 1 magic item creator, 1 monster maker, and 1 adventure writer to bring you a giant, terrifying, full-formed Tarrasque for you party to take on! Here’s what you’ll get, for free, as thanks for being Patrons: Inside […]

Hearth: The Quest for the Shunned City | FREE 7th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Hearth: The Quest for the Shunned City is officially up on Patreon! The adventure is 100% FREE. I won’t repeat all the details that are there, so you’ll have to go check ’em out for yourself. It’s FREE… no sign-ups what so ever! Just a 75-page PDF for you to download and do with as […]

It Hunts | New 5th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

Readers will quickly identify the inspiration behind this adventure. It involves an “alien predator” that hunts the adventurers in a dark, primordial forest. As an incredibly dangerous foe, their only recourse is to escape the creature. But how can you flee from a malicious creature such as this? This adventure is still in editorial mode […]

Tomb of the Kirin-Born Prince | New 7th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

Having recently downloaded Dyson’s amazing Dyson’s Delve: The Original Mini Mega-Dungeon and read through a few old Dungeon magazines, I was inspired to cook up a quick dungeon using one of Dyson’s Maps. If you didn’t already know, Dyson Logos has a super useful list of dungeon maps he’s created that available for commercial use. […]

The Mystery of Hoegar’s Hollow | New 1st-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

The Mystery of Hoegar’s Hollow is a location-based adventure designed for any mix of four 5th-level adventurers. This side quest adventure introduces characters to the science-fiction campaign setting of Blueshift. The adventure works best if the characters have no idea what they are getting into; the science-fiction elements should be a total surprise. Note: this adventure […]

The Secret of Forsaken Peak Part 2: The Eyries | New 6th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

This is an editorial version of the adventure. It may still have typos and logic errors. The second installment of the ongoing Secret of Forsaken Peak series is intended for a party of 4-6 6th-level characters who should reach 7th-level by the adventure’s end. The adventure is set in the Eastern Borderlands setting detailed in […]

The Terror at Prior’s Hill | New 5th Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

The Terror at Prior’s Hill is a location-based adventure designed for four 5th-level adventurers. This side quest adventure features undead, so a cleric in the party will be useful. There are also traps present, so a rogue that can detect traps easily will also help save the party from more than a few dangers. Characters with […]

Welcome to Lantern Falls | New Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

Starting the Adventure The Goblin Mine adventure assumes that the players have already arrived in Lantern Falls. However, any small-to-medium settlement near a major mountain range will do. The characters are called to the town of Lantern Falls by Bezzwic Greencloak (LG male human mage). Recently, a group of Greencloak’s students disappeared while performing research north […]

The Statue Gallery | Adventure for 9th Level Characters

“The Statue Gallery” was a D&D Side Trek adventure appearing in Dungeon Magazine Issue #93 (July/August 2002). The adventure is suitable for a party of four 9th-level characters. It takes place in a series of underground caverns that can be easily inserted into any ongoing campaign. The original adventure was written by Johnathan M. Richard […]

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