Vote for 3 New Subclasses on Patreon | Limited Time Offer!

Right now over on Patreon, Patrons are voting for the three new subclasses that will go into Creaturepedia: Monsters of the Ninth Kingdom Vol. 1.

Those subclasses are:

  • Barbarian Path of the Damned
  • Bard College of Comedy
  • Cleric Love Domain
  • Druid Circle of Monsters
  • Fighter Ancient Weapon Master
  • Monk Way of the Drug
  • Paladin Oath of the Forge
  • Ranger Urban Hunter
  • Rogue Artificer
  • Sorcerer Psion
  • Warlock Ancient Dragon Patron
  • Wizard Silverware Archetype

You can vote as many times as you like. The top 3 selections will win.

Only Patrons can vote. However, it’s only $3 to become a Patron. In addition to voting, you get access to nearly every PDF that I create (usually 1 or 2 per month with 40+ pages), requests, swag, videos, and more.

Become a DMDave Patron, today!

Art by Wizards of the Coast.

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