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How to Make a Legendary Monster| DM’s Workshop for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Hey all! Thought I might whip up a real quick article today on creating one of the most fun elements of a good Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition game: big bad evil guys (aka BBEGs). This method is pretty simple, too. In fact, it works more or less the same way adding a template to […]

How to Balance Combat Encounters in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

One of the big questions that I get asked a lot on Instagram and Facebook messenger is how to properly balance encounters in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. After all, failure to improperly balance an encounter in D&D 5e can lead either to the players getting killed by a non-BBEG encounter or easily handling something […]

Free Tutorial: How to Draw a Fantasy Village Map by Niklas Wistedt

This special guest post is from cartographer and artist, Niklas Wistedt. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and enjoy! Villages and towns are important places in most fantasy roleplaying games. It’s a place for the adventurers to stock-up on gear before taking off on wilderness or dungeon expeditions, interact with NPC’s, and sometimes the […]

10 Ways to Bring Realism Into Your Campaign

If you’re looking to infuse your sessions with a touch more realism or authenticity, you’re in the right place. Adding realism to a session can give players something to really cling to and can inspire creativity and memorable table banter. It can also challenge players looking to really get into their character’s head and the […]

10 Ways to Make Your Made Up Names Sound Fantasy AF | Resource for GMs

Today, I got a copy of the Tal’dorei campaign setting for Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s the campaign setting that famous voice-over actor, Matt Mercer, and his Critical Role group take part in. While flipping through this book, I noticed that a lot of the names in the […]

How to Create Magic Items for Fifth Edition (Now Available in PDF)

Hi! I’m DMDave, author of all of this site’s content. I’ve been playing for more than 25 years and I just love writing about the world’s greatest roleplaying game. And I’m happy to announce that all of the content will now be available for you to purchase here on the site exclusively! The brand new […]

How to Make a New Magic Item for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (In 15 Minutes or Less)

Magic items are a fun part of D&D. And while the Fifth Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide offers up plenty of cool magic items, sometimes there’s a concept that you have that could fit better into your campaign world. But how do you create a magic item? There are rules, sure, but they can seem sort […]

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