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Secret Citadel of the Diamond Prince | New 3rd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

For several centuries the citadel of the Diamond Prince was considered lost until it was rediscovered by a gang of goblins. This Fifth edition one-shot adventure is intended for 3-5 characters of 3rd level. Some of the traps in this dungeon are particularly dangerous—players who charge in expecting an easy romp may find themselves rolling […]

Tether: The Mystery of Skirvin Manor | New 3rd-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition

Over 40 pages of Halloween-ready adventure! The download links are over on Patreon. Something’s not right in the Skirvin manor. Find out what’s at the heart, living or dead, of the issue and escape from its bone-chilling hallways! This difficult level 3 adventure is rife with danger, puzzles, and harrowing rooms that are sure to […]

Neverending Dungeon – Room 1 – “Good Morning” | New Adventure for Fifth Edition

Welcome to the Neverending Dungeon! The adventure starts when characters awaken in a dungeon with no recollection of how they got there. Each room of the dungeon is loaded with traps, monsters, puzzles, treasure, and more. As time goes on, I’ll create more and more dungeons, building out at least one room per week plus […]

It Hunts | New 5th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

Readers will quickly identify the inspiration behind this adventure. It involves an “alien predator” that hunts the adventurers in a dark, primordial forest. As an incredibly dangerous foe, their only recourse is to escape the creature. But how can you flee from a malicious creature such as this? This adventure is still in editorial mode […]

Tomb of the Kirin-Born Prince | New 7th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

Having recently downloaded Dyson’s amazing Dyson’s Delve: The Original Mini Mega-Dungeon and read through a few old Dungeon magazines, I was inspired to cook up a quick dungeon using one of Dyson’s Maps. If you didn’t already know, Dyson Logos has a super useful list of dungeon maps he’s created that available for commercial use. […]

Loot, Die, Repeat | New 4th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

I received this submission for BroadSword Monthly a few months back and thought it was such a cool concept I just had to have it. Right away, Alec and I started working together to flesh it out a bit more. And here it is, the finished product, “Loot, Die, Repeat”. Credits: Alec Conte with Dave […]

The Mystery of Hoegar’s Hollow | New 1st-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

The Mystery of Hoegar’s Hollow is a location-based adventure designed for any mix of four 5th-level adventurers. This side quest adventure introduces characters to the science-fiction campaign setting of Blueshift. The adventure works best if the characters have no idea what they are getting into; the science-fiction elements should be a total surprise. Note: this adventure […]

The Secret of Forsaken Peak Part 2: The Eyries | New 6th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

This is an editorial version of the adventure. It may still have typos and logic errors. The second installment of the ongoing Secret of Forsaken Peak series is intended for a party of 4-6 6th-level characters who should reach 7th-level by the adventure’s end. The adventure is set in the Eastern Borderlands setting detailed in […]

The Terror at Prior’s Hill | New 5th Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

The Terror at Prior’s Hill is a location-based adventure designed for four 5th-level adventurers. This side quest adventure features undead, so a cleric in the party will be useful. There are also traps present, so a rogue that can detect traps easily will also help save the party from more than a few dangers. Characters with […]

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