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The Secret of Forsaken Peak Part 2: The Eyries | New 6th-Level Adventure for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

This is an editorial version of the adventure. It may still have typos and logic errors. The second installment of the ongoing Secret of Forsaken Peak series is intended for a party of 4-6 6th-level characters who should reach 7th-level by the adventure’s end. The adventure is set in the Eastern Borderlands setting detailed in […]

The Master of the Peak (Luzien) | New Monster for Fifth Editon (BroadSword Preview)

Nearly a century ago, an elven monk named Luzien worked in the Temple at the eastern side of the Forsaken Peak. Luzien was obsessed with the notion of immortality. Within the caverns of the Eyries, he studied dark rituals and necromantic rites, hoping to find a way to extend his life. When Luzien’s brothers at […]

Welcome to Lantern Falls | New Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition

Starting the Adventure The Goblin Mine adventure assumes that the players have already arrived in Lantern Falls. However, any small-to-medium settlement near a major mountain range will do. The characters are called to the town of Lantern Falls by Bezzwic Greencloak (LG male human mage). Recently, a group of Greencloak’s students disappeared while performing research north […]

Adventures and Encounters in the Eastern Borderlands | New Campaign Setting for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Spoilers)

This article contains spoilers for BroadSword Magazine #1. If you wish to wait until the release of the first issue in August-September to read this content, please leave now. You’ve been warned!   Locations in the Eastern Borderlands This section describes the key locations in the Eastern Borderlands, which are presented in alphabetical order for […]

Sword and Sorcery (Low-Magic/Low-Fantasy Campaign Settings) | New Resource for Fifth Edition

Long before gleaming suits of armor, everyday magic, and the worlds where anything is possible, there was classic fantasy or Sword & Sorcery. Conan the Barbarian, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and to an extent, Game of Thrones all exemplify these environments. Steeped a little further into medieval history than high-fantasy counterparts, Sword & Sorcery […]

The Secret of Forsaken Peak Breakdown

Heya folks! Been working hard on The Secret of Forsaken Peak today, so sorry I’ve been quiet. Anyways, JD and I just outlined the requirements for this big ol’ book we’re doing. The format is based loosely on the new Dungeon of the Mad Mage book (not the story, mind you, just seeing how big […]

The Secret of Forsaken Peak Resources

Last Updated: 1/2/2018 What is the Secret of Forsaken Peak? A shadow falls across The Graywood Forest, cast by the titanic, lonely mountain known as The Forsaken Peak. Its jagged, snow-capped peaks hide many secrets and equally as many terrors. For years, the mountain has been at the heart of multiple mysteries. Why do the […]

Blutgeists | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

“I dropped my sword and fell backward into the mud. The thing, whatever it was, pulsed and expanded. Blood flowed from it like tendrils that stretched into the space around it. Those who still stood near it were caught within its web. I watched in horror as they would break free for a moment only […]

10 Things to Know About The Secret of Forsaken Peak

Those of you who’ve been keeping an eye on the blog know that Justin David Russell and I have been hard at work on an adventure setting titled The Secret of Forsaken Peak. I thought I might take today’s Top 10 list to offer some insight into what it’s all about. #1 – It’s Fifth […]

Darkwind | Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Initial Observations on The Creature of the Eyries of the Forsaken Peak, Its Lair, the Region Surrounding It, and Interviews with Those Who’ve Encountered It by Brother Roma A’tonel, Chaosmagi Secundus I am not of the northern lands but instead hail from a small town to the far east across the Lightning Bay named Redstump. Its […]

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