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Skills Revisited | New Rules for Fifth Edition

There’s a lot of great stuff that came with the arrival of Fifth Edition. And there are also a few things that got the shaft. One of the biggest being skills. I believe part of the reason why Wizards of the Coast diminished the importance of skills in Fifth Edition was to put emphasis on […]

How Much Do Adventurers Earn Per Hour? | New Article for Fifth Edition

Recently, I was putting together an article around creating golems using the manual of golems from the DMG. But as I was trying to reverse engineer the entire process (and I still hope to release the info I came up with) it occurred to me that it just simply isn’t worth it due to opportunity […]

[Gods of Wandrossa] Divine Powers Design Notes

All right, nearly everything is good and ready to go for Gods of Wandrossa starting in less than eight hours. The only thing left to do is get the actual powers ready to go (Chosen Ones are going to come in later) and give stats for the preexisting locations. This entry is more for me […]

10 Ways to Get Your ADHD Players to Pay Attention During D&D Sessions

This request has come up a few times on my Instagram, so I thought I might address it. But it seems that some folks have trouble getting their players to pay attention. Either, they’re staring at their phones, erupting into joke tangents, or just off in space, it seems impossible to get them to care. […]

10 Times Dark Sun Characters Stopped What They Were Doing to Pose for a Brom Painting (and Flex Their Quads)

I figure if I’m going to make a Top 10 list every week, I might as well make one that cracks me up. If you’re a “new school” Dungeons & Dragons player, you might not get the joke with this particular list, but us grognards will probably smile. Back during second edition, there was a […]

10 Ways I Plan on Making My Players’ Characters’ Lives Hell Tonight (Spoilers)

So tonight is a big showdown between the characters and an adventurer-hunter named Umgru the Slayer. The characters are all 9th-level, which means they can handle most challenges I throw at them. But tonight I want to change things up a bit. I want to hit them with some of the toughest things that they’ve […]

10 of the Most Broken Things Ever in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition (That’re in the Official Rules) | [NSFW]

A big part of being a creative is accepting criticism. And as someone who dabbles in the world of creating new game mechanics, I receive plenty of criticism. Like, a lot. Plus, I post to Reddit, too, because, well, I’m a masochist, I guess. Anyways, I thought I might share a funny list of 10 […]

10 Changes DMDave Made to the Lost Mines of Phandelver

Back when I started my main campaign in March of 2018, I needed to knock some of the rust off. It’d been a while since I’d DM’ed a full game and I hadn’t yet been fully introduced to Fifth Edition yet (obviously, I’ve learned it since). So I thought, “Why not start with the Starter […]

10 Celebrities That You Didn’t Realize Were Huge D&D Nerds

There’s no denying it. Dungeons & Dragons is a big deal. And D&D players no longer have to hide their identities. In fact, many celebrities play D&D, too. Here is a list of 10 celebrities who’ve recently come “out from behind the Dungeon Master screen” and revealed their love for the game. 1 – Joe […]

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