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The Thing | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Like most of you, I’m a big fan of John Carpenter’s 1982 classic, The Thing. It’s the perfect blend of cosmic horror and absurdity and it’s still hella creepy even by today’s standards. So here is my take on the classic monster that appears in the movie for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. The Thing […]

Entombed | New Monster for Fifth Edition

A thick shell of clear green-tinged ice completely encases a desiccated human corpse, its yellowed teeth bared in a rictus of death. The huge mantle of icy armor makes this fearsome apparition the size of an ogre. The entombed are undead preserved by being encased in shells of ice—but still able to move and kill. Entombed are human […]

Holiday Treants | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Today, I’m getting roped into Christmas Tree decorating duty. That’s what happens when you’re easily a foot taller than everyone else in the household. Regardless, it should be fun. And, it gives me the opportunity to dream up yet another holiday-themed monster. I knew I’d eventually make a Christmas Tree themed monster for the holiday. […]

Zules for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

The tall, pale people known as the zules (a shortened form of “aquellos con ojos azules”, or “blue-eyed ones”) first appeared north of Mexjico fifty years ago. Originally, the Mexjicano people accepted the zules and trusted them. However, in the decades since, the zules have proven to be deceptive and cruel neighbors. In the late […]

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