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Bloodroot Tree | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Bloodroot Tree Infesting the thick, black forests of the Xenem Dynasty and parts of Aegreya, the bloodroot trees are vampiric plants that act as a natural defense to the vampire citadels which they surround. The first trees were created by Xenem Shi’s daughter, Ming and planted in his garden. Although thankful for the gift, Xenem […]

Quogwat | New Monster for Fifth Edition

The untamed forests of Odonburg are home to many unusual and interesting creatures, many of which have never been discovered beyond Southern Omeria. Perhaps one of the oddest creatures found exclusively in Odonburg are the reclusive quogwats. Resembling a cross between a frog and a hedgehog, the quogwats are 5-inch-tall plant creatures who thrive in […]

Patreon Alien Requests (Part 2) | New Monsters for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

Every month, I turn to my Patrons over on www.patreon.com/dmdave for cool ideas. Last month it was monsters and they certainly delivered. Now, it’s aliens. Here are some of the cool aliens that they came up with to help populate the science fiction campaign setting of Blueshift. Some of the races work best as monsters while others […]

Cordycep Spore Cloud | New Monster for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Coming up at the end of February, I’ll be launching two cool books for Patrons. These books will be available here on the site as well as FREE in their blog format as usual. The first book will be an adventure set in the Patron-created world of Wandrossa. While it’s still in the works (and doesn’t have […]

Holiday Treants | Monsters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Today, I’m getting roped into Christmas Tree decorating duty. That’s what happens when you’re easily a foot taller than everyone else in the household. Regardless, it should be fun. And, it gives me the opportunity to dream up yet another holiday-themed monster. I knew I’d eventually make a Christmas Tree themed monster for the holiday. […]

3 Ravenloft Monsters for Your Campaigns (Part 3) | Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

I’ve been having fun converting old Ravenloft monsters to Fifth Edition. With a stomach full of Thanksgiving food and a brain full of caffeine, I figured, “Hey! Why not make some more.” A little background on how I’ve been finding these monsters to convert plus a bit of a shoutout. These are all coming from […]

3 More Monsters for Your Ravenloft Campaigns | Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Continuing my conversion of old Ravenloft monsters, here are a few more uglies from the Dread Realms to populate your Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition campaigns. Flavor text is taken from the original supplements from whence it came (property Wizards of the Coast). Conversions by me, DM Dave. Mullonga The aboriginal witch Mullonga is one […]

Lettuce Blights for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

The plague of the Gulthias tree spares no plant! Case in point: the terrifying lettuce blight. It may look like ordinary romaine lettuce, but once you get close enough, you immediately realize that the thing that used to be a staple of your tasty caesar salad is now a horrific creature, determined to infect you […]

Bamboo Blights for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Not all blights come from deciduous or coniferous forests. For example, the desecration of the Gulthias tree can spread to the desert and create cactus blights. There are tales of willow and cattail blights haunting swamps. But perhaps one of the most interesting blights adventurers may ever come across are the bamboo blights in Shou. […]

El Arbol Morado for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Deep in the jungles of southern Alberia and the Surlands awaits something horrible. The tribal Alberians call it xochitl mayana (or the “hungry flower”). Mexjicanos have labeled this fierce creature el arbol morado (the “purple tree”). Like a massive, purple tree, this creature grows in tropical climates. And it hungers for the flesh of all […]

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