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Ice Geist | New Monster for Fifth Edition

When a group of travelers becomes stranded on a dangerous, snowy pass with no way to escape, sometimes they turn to murder then cannibalism. These evil deeds taint the terrain around it and the souls of the unfortunate become a single powerful, undead entity: an ice geist. An ice geist appears as a huge, black […]

Bloodroot Tree | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Bloodroot Tree Infesting the thick, black forests of the Xenem Dynasty and parts of Aegreya, the bloodroot trees are vampiric plants that act as a natural defense to the vampire citadels which they surround. The first trees were created by Xenem Shi’s daughter, Ming and planted in his garden. Although thankful for the gift, Xenem […]

Flammengeist | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Flammengeists are skeletal undead wreathed in ghostly flames. A large halo of light and fire surrounds their heads. They are the creations of the Obelisk of Zo, made from rogue evokers who willingly sacrifice themselves to Zo’s cause. Flammengeists have an innate ability to detect creatures imbued with the energies of the Other. As such, […]

Graveman | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Gravemen are gaunt, blackened creatures with glowing white eyes. They lack noses, mouths, and ears. And although referred to as “gravemen”, these undead creatures have no discernible anatomy and are effectively genderless. [su_note note_color=”#fafafa”] Graveman Medium undead, chaotic evil Armor Class 15 Hit Points 15 (2d8 + 6) Speed 40 ft. Abilities Str 12 (+1), Dex […]

La Segua | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Seguas are specters that have the bodies of humanoid women and the faces of horses that haunt the northern Weysevain coast. Charming and evil, they use their humanoid form to lure in unaware sailors and farmers. Once alone, the segua reveals its true form, then slaughters its prey. The first sighting of seguas were reported […]

Tomb Guardian | New Monster for Fifth Edition (366 Days of Monsters)

Knights whose bodies were dedicated to a specific task in life and followed that task without fail can be raised as special-purpose animated skeletons known as tomb guardians. Just as they did in life, tomb guardians stand vigilant in the face of danger. A common mistake tomb robbers make when pitted against a tomb guardian […]

Horror Soul | New Monster for Fifth Edition (366 Days of Monsters)

A horror soul is a ghoul that has imbued itself with dark, necromantic energy. The ritual that creates the Horror Soul, known as the Cycle of Torment, allows them to absorb severed limbs, bones, and other parts into their whole. Eventually, their bodies consist of dozens of legs, arms, teeth, and sometimes even eyes, all […]

Blood Kind | New Player Race Option for Fifth Edition

Elves have a natural tolerance against undead effects. However, there are times when elves are bitten by undead creatures—particularly vampires—when, instead of turning, they contract a passive infection in their bloodstream. If a female elf contracts this virus, there is a chance that they can pass it on to their young. Almost immediately, the child […]

Triceratops Skeleton | New Monster for Fifth Edition

This week, I’ll start working on a cool adventure with Tom Gibbons (@TomCartos) that takes place in a medieval museum. One of the big set pieces in this adventure is a large triceratops skeleton in the west wing of the museum. Naturally, it’s perfect for something that comes to life and tries to kick the […]

2 New Monsters for Fifth Edition (Rapax Spoilers)

Currently, I’m running an old second edition module converted to 5th for my players. There’s a whole lot of new bad guys in it, too, many of which haven’t been seen since the ’80s. I’ve converted a few of those bad guys below for you to enjoy. Note: if you’re one of my players, stop […]

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