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Pressonian Abjurer | New NPC for Fifth Edition

Bearing the silver and white banners of Presson’s Enclave, Pressonian Abjurers are what most Omerians picture when they hear the term “knight.” These storied warriors of The Summer Land were the first true legends of Omeria. The Pressonian Abjurers traversed the Basilisk’s Spine to face the Anorians at the Siege of Imfe Mythse Anore. They […]

Shark with a Knife | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Shark with a Knife There are only three things known about the enigmatic Shark with a Knife. First, it is a shark. Second, it is carrying a knife. Third, it’s Vadriken the Three-Timer’s archnemesis. Everything else is up for debate. Is it male? Is it female? Why does it have arms and legs? How come […]

Sorcerer | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Sorcerer As descendants of the dragonkin of Aegraya and the Great Chromatics of The Summer Land, sorcerers are born with innate magical powers. Of all the Chromatic breeds who propagated among humanoids, reds were by far most prolific. Tostrasz the Enormous alone was rumored to have over 100 half-humanoid progeny. The most powerful sorcerers are […]

Shadow Goblins | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

Shadow goblins are goblins who were exposed to the same aberrant energy that consumed the Olyothyrian city of Ise Serin and created the arnitikos. As such, shadow goblins are mortal enemies of the arnitikos, blaming the colorless elves for their curse. Shadow goblins who procreate always produce twins. A shadow goblin’s twin is its closest […]

Ong-ong | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Ong-ongs are short, furry humanoids with large, flat heads that live in the Wallingmiotta. Once thought an offshoot of the gnomes that inhabit the wood, anthropologists discovered that the ong-ongs actually have more in common with dwarves. Ong-ongs may even be related to the dwarves of Khuzuk. Get the full story and the playable version […]

Anorian Vaquero | New NPC for Fifth Edition

The Anorian elves of Vaskil manage the northern cattle and horse ranches of the Summer Land. In the three generations since the Fall of Imfe Mythse Anore, they’ve become expert riders and animal handlers. Also, because of the dangers inherent in the Summer Land, particularly around the Charred City of Becshire, they’re legally permitted to […]

Mondan | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Another product of the Hand of the Third, mondans are hairless, muscular humanoids that share a passing resemblance to orcs. Their mouths are wrapped in perpetual screams; still, they have their own language, Mondanian, which consists of throat sounds and tongue clucks. Mondans do not require water. [su_note note_color=”#fafafa”] Mondan Medium humanoid (mondan), chaotic evil […]

Rasgax Howler | New NPC for Fifth Edition

From the highlands of Northern Omeria come the Rasgax tribes. A nomadic people, the Rasgax focus their efforts on combating the belligerent races of the north, including orcs, frost giants, and c’nuim iteah. Rasgax have fair to reddish skin and blonde or red hair. Their eyes are often deep scarlet or sometimes even bright red. […]

Tethered Template | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Tethered are creatures cloned from humanoids. They were originally developed to take control of the humanoid from which they were modeled. Unfortunately, the experiment failed as the connection between the tethered and the living being was far too weak. However, some rare tethered have shown a tenuous ability to take control of their originators. Tethered […]

Arnitiko/Arnitika | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Also known as “the Elves of the Other” the arnitikos are a rare humanoid species that live in Omeria. Typically, Arnitikos are outsiders and wanderers who have no community to call their own. However, they are highly sought out for their martial skills as well as their ability to go unnoticed by undead creatures. Arnitikos […]

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