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Dokh Nuzegh | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Dokh nuzegh (DOKE nu CHAY) roughly translates to “no magic dog” in Goblin. Certainly, the “no magic” part is accurate. Dokh nuzeghs have an innate hatred of magic. They hate magic so much, in fact, that they will run at top speeds for a mile or longer to find and kill a magic-user. The “dog” […]

Doctor Piersym, Bove, and The Storm Lady | New BBEG for Fifth Edition

Doctor Piersym Doctor Piersym is a lawful evil male human noble with the Mad Scientist Boost (see below). He is the creator of the Tempusfuge and hopes to study its power. He also creates the flesh golems that protect the Storm Lady’s Maze. While loyal to the Storm Lady, he would quickly switch sides if […]

Winged Monkeys | New Monster for Fifth Edition

“Why do you have to obey the charm of the Golden Cap?” Dorothy asked. “That is a very long story,” answered the leader of the Winged Monkeys, with a laugh; “but as we have a long flight before us, I will pass the time by telling you about it, if you wish.” “I would very much […]

Stat Anything – Hypnotoad | New Monster for Fifth Edition

Hypnotoad is a large toad-like creature that has large oscillating multicolored eyes and emits a droning hum. His eyes glow all the time. The toad apparently uses these as a power of hypnotism on surrounding people and animals. Hypnotoad hypnotizes sheep into a pen at a pet contest and then hypnotizes the judges and the audience into […]

Patreon Requested Alien Races | 8 New Monsters for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

Every month, I turn to my Patrons over on http://www.patreon.com/dmdave for cool ideas. Last month it was monsters and they certainly delivered. Now, it’s aliens. Here are some of the cool aliens that they came up with to help populate the science fiction campaign setting of Blueshift. Some of the races work best as monsters […]

Tiny Terrors | 5 New Monsters for Fifth Edition

Tiny creatures don’t get a whole lot of love in Fifth Edition. Recently, I revamped a classic Dungeon magazine module, Mountain Sanctuary. The antagonists of the adventure were primarily diminutive creatures that appeared in the first edition fiend folio and Monsters Manual 2: cave crickets, osquips, gremlins, and spectramice. I felt that it was time […]

Patreon Request Monsters Part 2/2 | New Monsters for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

In July, I offered up free monster requests to all my patrons which would appear in BroadSword Monthly #2. And boy did they deliver! Here are those monsters. If you’d like to see your requests made by DMDave, join up as a patron. It’s only $3 to become a member and there’s always a special theme each […]

The Nightmare Beast (Dark Sun) | New Monster for Fifth Edition

With a disposition as bad as its reputation, it’s no wonder that a nightmare beast spreads terror wherever it goes. A nightmare beast stands at least 20 feet tall on its four legs. Each of its digits is tipped with a 3-foot-long claw. Its jaws are filled with 1-foot-long teeth and flanked by curved tusks […]

Baazrags (Dark Sun) | 3 New Monsters for Fifth Edition

In the broken crags and tiny caves of the barrens live the timid baazrag. Two feet long or less, it is one of the smallest omnivores in the stoney barren regions. The baazrag’s face is protected by a bony covering that reaches down either side of the head and across the nose, with holes for […]

Antloids (Dark Sun) | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

Antloids are giant ants that inhabit huge warrens in the Athasian desert. Their species has evolved through an adapted specialization which gives certain antloids special powers. There are four different groups: workers, soldiers, dynamis, and queens; each group fulfills a specialized task within antloid society.           BroadSword is Coming! The first […]

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