El Ocho Campaign Setting for Fifth Edition

Kicking things off with the Patreon page, I’ll be creating a cool, new 5e setting called El Ocho. This original setting will take place in a fantasy version of Mesoamerica (modern-day Latin America and South America) that will combine elements of typical old-school fantasy, pulp Luchador stories from the early 20th century, classic horror, and a dab of steampunk.

Half of the content for El Ocho will be available on Patreon for patrons only and the other half will be available here, on the blog.

Once the month is up, all of it will be tweaked and combined into an ebook which will be only $7, or FREE if you’re a patron (which only costs $3 per month).

Here’s the tentative release schedule for content here and on Patreon:

Week One: New Player Races

Already, I’ve posted the yamas (llamafolk) and zules just went up earlier this evening, but there’ll be expanded races as well as details on how to roleplay the preexisting races from the PHB.


Week Two: New Class Options

Each of the thirteen core classes will get new, El Ocho-relevant class options. In addition, El Ocho features the Luchador playable class. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check it out here: Luchador playable class.


Week Three: Equipment and Magic

New spells, magic items, and more, which will include–naturally–magical luchador masks!

Week Four: Campaign Setting

Finally, an explanation of the campaign itself. All of this content is 100% exclusive to the patrons here. Plus, along with maps and notes on the campaign, I’ll also throw in a 1st-level starter adventure.

Every Day: Monsters

In addition to the aforementioned content, you’ll see some cool new monsters sprinkled through out. Already, I’ve created a few, cool mesoamerican-themed monsters on both Patreon and here, on the blog, so be sure to check those out.

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Thanks for reading!

But don’t worry–if you enjoy the site’s content, I’ll still be keeping up my regular posting schedule here, too, for you to enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this campaign setting! And don’t forget to sign up for daily updates on the right sidebar or down in the footer.

See you soon.

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