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Monster Hunting Squads | New Mechanics for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Preview)

This article is part of the Monster Hunters series that will appear in BroadSword Monthly. If you’d like a preview of additional content, be sure to check out the Monster Hunter material on my Patreon. Two human brothers race their ax-beak-drawn chariot down the long, dark road, hot on the trail of a ghostly specter […]

How to Create Epic Encounters | New Resource for GMs (BroadSword Preview)

How to Create Epic Monster Encounters The monster hunters discover what’s doing all the killing. They confront the creature, fight it, and… it dies in two rounds. Lame. The Difficulty XP per Character table would list as “Deadly.” But they breeze right through it with hardly scratch! What’s up with that? Now your players are […]

Evadimus’ School for Gifted Spellcasters (Part 2) | New Campaign Setting for Fifth Edition

This is a continuation of Evadimus’ School for Gifted Spellcasters, a new campaign setting that will appear in BroadSword Monthly #1. The School Evadimus’ School for Gifted Spellcasters is an impressive building built into the cliff side of a towering hill. The school was once the enigmatic Library of Morza, bearing the same name as […]

Evadimus’ School for Gifted Spellcasters | New Campaign Setting For Fifth Edition

This article is a preview for the content in BroadSword Monthly #1, due out in August. Learn more about BroadSword Monthly #1 (and get 10% off the price!) No wizard is born a wizard. Unlike sorcerers who are born with their powers, clerics and warlocks who “borrow” their spells from powerful otherworldly beings, or rangers […]

Mass Combat Units | New Monsters for Fifth Edition

The following mass combat units are used with the Mass Combat rules in BroadSword Magazine, participating in the Battle of Dragard Mine. Follow DMDave on Patreon Interested in more content? Monthly PDFs, requests, exclusive content and more on Patreon. Only $3 to become a member! Become a DMDave Patron today Art by Games Workshop

Bard College of the Mind | New Player Option for Fifth Edition

At 3rd level, a bard gains the Bard College feature. The following College of the Mind option is available to a bard, in addition to those normally offered. College of the Mind Many bards provoke the senses with their music, words, and art. However, bards of the College of the Mind go a step further, […]

Wild Talents | New Rules for Fifth Edition

A wild talent is someone from any other character class who has natural, latent psionic potential. This potential can be present in any character, regardless of class, alignment, or race. Wild talents can never approach psionicists in skill, but they do boast at least one psionic power-which is known as a “wild power” among psionicists. Any character can test […]

The Randomness of Limbo | New Resource for Fifth Edition (Bloody Bunch Spoilers)

My Saturday group is about to head (again) into Limbo. There, they will come across all manner of chaos. So I’m not rewriting the entirety of the 2nd Edition Planes of Chaos supplement, I’ve included the major notes on how the plane works. For more details on how Limbo works, its inhabitants and major locations, […]

Sword and Sorcery (Low-Magic/Low-Fantasy Campaign Settings) | New Resource for Fifth Edition

Long before gleaming suits of armor, everyday magic, and the worlds where anything is possible, there was classic fantasy or Sword & Sorcery. Conan the Barbarian, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and to an extent, Game of Thrones all exemplify these environments. Steeped a little further into medieval history than high-fantasy counterparts, Sword & Sorcery […]

Creating a Dark Sun Character | Player Guide for Fifth Edition

To round out my series on Dark Sun, I figured I’d go back and give the actual rules for creating a Dark Sun character. Plus, this is as good as place as any to list the table of contents for my Dark Sun material here on the site which you can access below. In order […]

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