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Equipment and Currency in Athas (Dark Sun) | Player Guide for Fifth Edition

Continuing my series on Dark Sun, it’s time to dig into the currency and equipment of Athas. Since Athas has a limited supply of metal, equipment and coinage work very differently in a Dark Sun campaign as detailed below. In an effort to provide a complete ruleset, I’ve constructed the rules for equipment and coinage as concise […]

Personalities and Backgrounds of Athas (Dark Sun) | Player Guide for Fifth Edition

Continuing my series on Dark Sun, it’s time to dig into the backgrounds of Athas. Many of the Fifth Edition backgrounds transition smoothly into Dark Sun with only a few minor tweaks. Some had to be completely removed. In an effort to provide a complete ruleset, I’ve constructed the background options as concise as possible. In general, the backgrounds […]

Backgrounds Instead of Races | Rules Option for Fifth Edition

Say you want to do an all human campaign; perhaps you’re doing a modern horror setting or your campaign is a sword and sorcery epic. The problem with that is that there isn’t a whole lot of variety there. In fact, the necessity for having “races” at all vanishes. Humans either get ability score increases […]

Skills Revisited | New Rules for Fifth Edition

There’s a lot of great stuff that came with the arrival of Fifth Edition. And there are also a few things that got the shaft. One of the biggest being skills. I believe part of the reason why Wizards of the Coast diminished the importance of skills in Fifth Edition was to put emphasis on […]

ZACS 5e | Modern Zombie Adventure Using Fifth Edition Rules

A while back, I started brainstorming rules for a modern Fifth Edition zombie survival setting called ZACS 5e–or the Zombie Apocalypse Campaign Setting (Fifth Edition rules). Since Dungeons & Dragons‘ Fifth Edition ruleset lends itself so well to different scenarios, I thought it was a bit of a layup. Of course, like many things I […]

Sword and Sorcery | New Game Supplement for Fifth Edition (BroadSword Spoilers)

This article series details Sword and Sorcery in Fifth Edition and how you can implement it in your own games. It is also part of BroadSword Magazine, so if you are a subscriber and don’t wish to be spoiled, steer clear. In addition, this is not the final form of the content. Just the staging […]

Archers | Player Supplement for Fifth Edition (Part 3)

This article adds new rules, subclasses, prestige classes, magic items, and more for players interested in expanding archer characters in Fifth Edition. Here is a summary of what’s included in this article: Part 1. Archer Subclasses Barbarian Warden Monk Way of the Curved Arrow Rogue Trickshot Part 2. Prestige Class: The Blind Archer Part 3. […]

The City of Torch | New Base of Operations for Fifth Edition (Bloody Bunch Spoilers)

Currently, my players are in the town of Torch in the Outlands of the Forgotten Realms’ Great Wheel Cosmology. Next session, I plan on running them through the town and thought I might flesh it out a bit more. In this article: I’ll look at all the information that’s come before for Torch. This includes […]

Items of Legacy | New Player Option for Fifth Edition

“Weapon of legacy” describes all the items created using the rules in this article, even those that wouldn’t normally be described as weapons (such as rings or shields). Usually, this article uses the more general term “item of legacy” or “legacy item.” An item of legacy has the capacity to grow in power as its wielder advances in level. […]

Demonwrecker Prestige Class | New Player Option for Fifth Edition

Spellcasters specializing in demon eradication can gain great fame and prestige—if they survive long enough. Although demons are highly resistant to spells, a demonwrecker’s magic is more effective at penetrating their defenses than magic from other sources. While the elite divine spellcasters known as demonwreckers specialize in fighting demonic opponents, they are almost as effective as their nonspecialized counterparts at combating foes […]

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