10 Monsters Created by DM Dave (That People Seem to Love)

I’ve created a ton of monsters for this site. And it’s been a ton of fun. Of course, not all of the monsters I make are a huge success. Some get made and vanish into obscurity. However, there’s a few I’ve made that people seem to really resonate with.

Here are the 10 monsters that I’ve created that people really seem to love:


#1 – The Monsters from A Quiet Place

Views Since 8/17/2018: 4,891

A Quiet Place is definitely the best movie I saw this year. So it was a lot of fun creating stats for them. Since creating this listing, the post has gone viral twice. I think the thing that I enjoyed most about making these monsters was taking the time to break down the scenes to figure out just how fast they move.


#2 – Jack’s Monsters

Views Since 8/17/2018: 4,294

Not too long ago, I asked my (almost) seven-year-old son, Jack to help me come up with four new monster ideas. What he came up with was simply terrifying. Room-sized mimics, blood-drinking worms, haunted books, and a giant man-eating snake. People really seemed to like all of them!


#3 – Nintendo’s Kirby

Views Since 8/17/2018: 4,124

Kirby, the little pink fluff that eats his enemies and spits them out (or digests them), was a fun threat to create. Having shared it on Reddit, the little guys’ stats exploded. There was just something horrible about a creature that could eat PC’s and gain powers based on whatever their highest stats were.


#4 – The Omnimortis (aka The What-The-Hell Monster)

Views Since 8/17/2018: 1,044

I had a follower on Instagram ask me if I could help stat up an undead monstrosity that one of his players had created. The result? A monstrous thing with the body parts of, like, eight or nine different creatures. I had a lot of fun making it, especially when I gave it the ooze-like split ability.


#5 – Zorah Magdaros

Views Since 8/17/2018: 683

I’ve never played Monster Hunter: World. But when I got the request to do the mountain-sized BBEG from the game, Zorah Magdaros, I went a little above and beyond my normal requests. I actually turned old Zorah into a map, taking him one step past your typical Gargantuan beastie.


#6 – Beholder, Abretheghal

Views Since 8/17/2018: 625

Super talented artist Tony Franklin created some real nightmare fuel when he designed the abrethaghal. Needing stats for it, I jumped right on, immediately recognizing these horrors as a beholderkin. Not just any beholderkin, either, but one that’s part-humanoid/part-beholder. Eww…


#7 – A-Hole Monsters

Views Since 8/17/2018: 580

Asshole monsters have been a part of Dungeons & Dragons for a long time. So I had a lot of fun coming up with three of my own. The list includes a fake mindflayer, bugs that look like coins, and giant worms that hang from the ceiling and eat your head.


#8 – Ravenloft Monsters (Part 3)

Views Since 8/17/2018: 533

For a while there, I was going through lomion.de’s list of Ravenloft monsters and recreating them for Fifth Edition. For whatever reason, the third one I did was much more popular than the rest. Maybe it’s because it included the awesome Uncle Skeleton from second edition?


#9 – Creepy Stuff

Views Since 8/17/2018: 471

This one was another bizarre request that came in through Instagram. Someone sent me a photo of a bunch of creepy dolls surrounding a taxidermy wolf wielding a (no shit) halberd. I have no idea why they had this thing in their home, but it sure was fun coming up with stats for it.


#10 – Ravenloft Monsters (Part 1)

Views Since 8/17/2018: 438

It wasn’t only the third part that did well in the Ravenloft conversions, but it seems like it was the first part as well. This edition included a banshee variant, a new goblin, and a nerfed revenant variant. Something tells me that its popularity came from the half-naked banshee that was on the cover. Call it a hunch.


Thanks for reading!

It’s been a lot of fun making these monsters! And more are sure to come.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the new FREE adventure, The Secret of Forsaken Peak: Part 1 – The Goblin Mine. It’s part of a massive 30-part megadungeon that myself and artist Justin David Russell are working on.

See you soon.

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